At Least 20 People Have Asked Me About This Dress, and I Paid $46 for It

A couple months ago, while doing research for this story on affordable pieces to wear to summer weddings, I came across a highly discounted dress by LPA. Before clicking on it, I assumed there must have been only one left or something because why would such an of-the-moment piece be upwards of 80% off? Not only was it a seasonally appropriate slip dress, but it also had lace detailing, a V-shaped neckline, and shoulder ties. It was a definite winner.

As such, you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when I discovered that not only was it still available in multiple sizes but two colors, too. Sure, it was final sale, and in general, I stay away from anything without a solid and simple return policy, but at $46, I was willing to take the risk. A few short days later, it arrived and was perfect. I mean, it is literally one of the maybe 10 dresses I’ve purchased in my entire life without having to alter a single bit. At 5'2", I could wear it with short block sandals without it touching the ground, and thanks to its self-tying straps, I could adjust the top portion to my liking. I will say that the color varied considerably from the photo on Revolve's website (hey, it happens), but that didn't deter me because the shade of pink ended up being much deeper and thus nicer in real life.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago when I wore it for the first time to dinner while on vacation in Capri. Naturally, I made my Instagram- and real-life husband, Alex, snap a picture (or 20) and shortly after, up it went. Now, given the mere fact that I was in Italy and my witty caption didn’t hurt, at first I wasn’t so surprised to notice above-average likes on what I thought was a pretty darn good post. What did astonish me, however, was the number of DMs I received for days following asking where the dress was from, culminating in a shout-out from LPA designer Lara Pia Arrobio herself in the comments. Even after I returned home, more than a handful of people greeted me with How was your trip?! I’m obsessed with that pink dress!

So here we are. Thanks to a little inspiration from my co-worker Michelle Scanga, I thought it would be fitting I share this seriously amazing find with you all today. See the photo and shop the dress in pink and black below, and if you’re so inclined, continue for more affordable dresses we’re loving for summer.