21 Fashion Items I've Bought That Keep Me From Running Late

The best low-maintenance fashion items



I'm writing this because I'll be the first to admit that my internal clock runs a good five minutes late. I'm pretty sure the reason for my tardiness is that it's a struggle for me to stop what I'm doing and move onto the task of getting ready to head out the door, and that's why I have to do everything in my power to make up for the lost time. Not curling my eyelashes simply isn't an option, so I have to be creative in other departments.

Despite my love for fashion, I actually hate spending a lot of time choosing something to wear, and it's usually a last-minute decision (thanks to the whole internal clock thing), so I've made it a point to collect a variety of fashion items that I can throw on quickly and avoid being late. These low-maintenance pieces are versatile, don't require a lot of accessories, don't need to be steamed (save for a couple), and look polished and cool no matter what. You could certainly call them basics, but I find them special enough to stand on their own.

Whether or not you're often rushing to get ready, read on to shop 21 pieces that have rescued me time and again.

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Wearing my tourist shorts 🗽

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Sorry, I put these sneakers in a lot of stories. They're just perfect and chic and go with everything I own.

I find many LBDs to be boring, but not this one. It looks just as cute with sneakers as it does with heels.

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I couldn't even guess how many times I've worn my Levi's denim trucker jacket. I'm always freezing so even in the summer, it's the last thing I grab before heading out the door.

I just love smocked tops. This one is particularly versatile but much prettier than your average black top.

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92 degrees in May, send help 🥵

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I love my mini bags, but sometimes all I have time for is a roomy bag that I can just throw everything in and go. This one has been my go-to for summer.

I know this isn't the world's cheapest white T-shirt, but I've yet to find a brand with cooler fits than Re/Done. 

These are a splurge, but they're ridiculously comfortable, and I've worn them more than any other pair of shoes I own.

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Takes a train once

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When I'm running late, shimmying into stiff, uncomfortable jeans is something I certainly avoid. These have a perfect amount of stretch, and they never lose their shape.

I own this in a lighter blue color, and I've found it to be the perfect going-out top, especially when I want to wear something special and don't have time for carefully selected accessories. It makes an impact with just jeans and a simple pair of heels.

I love a white tank, but I admittedly am a little bored with them. This pearl-embellished one is the perfect remedy.

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Ally in an alley (sorry, had to)

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This is another easy accessory I've been throwing on when my outfit needs just a little something extra.

This does need a steam between wears (which I try to do in advance), but the payoff is great. It makes anything you're wearing significantly prettier.

I've been wearing this a ton as of late (sometimes as a top and sometimes open as a jacket). It's vegan leather at its finest.

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We all need striped tees for obvious reasons, but this is far less boring than most on the market. I've bought it in several colors over the years.

When I don't have time to figure out which sunglasses will work best with my outfit, I grab these. They literally go with everything.

I've been wearing these heels constantly this spring and summer. They're completely timeless and neutral but also very on trend this season. They're my no-brainer shoes.

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Another sweaty day in the city 🥵

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These have been my favorite black pants since they were first released a few years ago. The fit is great, and they're ridiculously flattering.

Additional sizes available here.

I love wearing this expensive-looking tank with loose-fitting pants, jeans, and shorts. The dark camel color I own it in is now sold out, but it comes in 17 excellent color options.

I always forget to buy simple, everyday flats, so I added these to my collection. I've been slipping them on when sandals are too casual and heels are too much.

These beautiful earrings are truly the only jewelry piece you need to put on. They're that special.

A black slip skirt may not be the most exciting thing to buy, but I've worn mine more times than I can count, and you will too.

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