How to Get Ready in 30 Minutes (Because Yes, It's Possible)

If we told you that it was possible to cut down your morning getting-ready routine to just 30 minutes, what would you choose to do with all that extra time? Eat a nice breakfast? Yes. Catch up on some reading? Most definitely. With less time spent in front of your closet and mirror, you can start your day on a better, more positive, less stressful note. But how does one do this? Ahead, we've listed out all the essential steps to take on exactly how to get ready in 30 minutes, highlighting the more time-consuming things to skip and the efficient options to pick instead. Read on for our simple tips and tricks below.

Skip: A shower

Pick: A dry shampoo

If there's one easy way to cut down your getting ready routine in the morning, it's to skip a shower. Instead, spray a bit of dry shampoo to give your roots some lift and to freshen your locks.

Skip: Foundation

Pick: An easy BB cream

Putting on and evening out foundation takes time, so skip the hassle and instead, opt for a no-fuss BB cream that doesn't require much effort. Simply put a drop on your hand and apply with your fingers for quick, even coverage.

Skip: A complex beauty routine

Pick: Only a handful of beauty staples

Stick to five beauty essentials to seriously cut down your makeup routine in the morning: an eyebrow gel, BB cream, blush, mascara, and lipstick.

Brighten your cheeks with this classic.

Skip: Day-of outfit planning

Pick: Out clothes the night before

Figuring out what to wear can be time-consuming, so instead of throwing together a random, day-of 'fit, use the night before to prep a look. It will save you so much time, and you won't have to sacrifice a stylish ensemble.

Skip: A multi-piece outfit

Pick: A one-and-done staple

Another outfit lifesaver? Pick a one-and-done piece that you can simply wear on its own. What does that mean, you ask? A jumpsuit is a standalone look, as is a maxi dress, so pick those rather than having to piece together a jeans-and-tee-and-jacket combo.

Next up, how to keep necklaces from tangling while wearing them.

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