4 Surprising Summer Trends These London Girls Are Into

It’s a funny story, actually. This article was originally supposed to be about the summer trends London girls—specifically, the stylish set that work at Who What Wear UK—simply won’t wear. As you can see, however, we’ve pivoted (and for the better, if you ask me). But why the change? Well, after a brief discussion with the team’s EIC, Hannah Almassi, I learned that there’s hardly a thing this group isn’t willing to test drive. As I later remembered, this is evidenced by their famed We Try Before You Buy series in which they do just that. And just when we thought they couldn’t get any cooler in our eyes…

Anyhow, back to today’s post. As a compromise of sorts, I got the ladies to sound off on the surprising trends they can’t even believe they’re into for summer—and they delivered. From refined neon to sporty sandals, simply continue on to read about their unexpected favorites and, of course, shop each one.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief, Who What Wear UK

The Trend: Tie-Dye

"I've always thought that tie-dye was for girls far cooler and sportier than me—you know the kind of women who take off in a camper van with just their surfboard and hot, toned friends for company. But this season designers have really given the hippy fabric a solid overhaul into high-fashion territory. It may still not be the kind of trend I'd spend a great deal of money on, but this Zara dress had me at hello. With an elegant, demure silhouette and a really minimalist approach to the colors used within the tie-dye pattern, it ticks all of the grown-up boxes for me."

The Trend: Neon

“I don’t think I’ve ever bought into a trend that the Kardashians have started before, until this year when I’ve found myself surprisingly into their current styling theme: neon. I have slowly been drawn to fluoro colors, including acid green and electric pink, and have found that it can look a lot more classic than I initially thought if you opt for a softer shade, rather than full Stabilo. I’ve been mainly sticking to highlighter pinks—wearing a bright pink blazer by ASOS and a blouse by Kitri. And now Kalda has me sold on bright lime thanks to its strappy sandals. But I’ll still leave the glow-in-the-dark bodycon and acid cycling shorts to Kylie.”

Joy Montgomery, Assistant Editor, Who What Wear UK

The Trend: Dad Sandals

"Last year was the year of the 'ugly' trend, and boy was I unhappy about it. The dad trainers, the cycling shorts, the Hawaiian shirts—they're just not my thing. Of course, there are plenty of people who worked these looks, but I was content in my bubble of tailored separates and well-cut coats. But something has happened this summer and, shock horror, I've fallen for the latest 'ugly' offering: the dad sandal. It might not be the most elegant thing in the world, but there's something about these orthopedic-style shoes that seems very cool in a minimalist sort of way. They're so comfortable and go with literally everything in my wardrobe: from floaty skirts to jumpsuits. They're particularly helpful for adding an edge to summer dresses, which is great for someone who doesn't always feel comfy in super-girly outfits." 

Elinor Block, Assistant Editor, Who What Wear UK

The Trend: Laura Ashley Prints

"As someone who remembers the Laura Ashley prints from the '80s without fondness, I'm surprised how drawn I am to them as these florals are currently experiencing a resurgence. Initially, it was the Batsheva dresses that caught my eye, but then Urban Outfitters' collaboration with Laura Ashley also made me think how chic a bit of chintz can be. As a result, I've been spending long hours trying to bid on original Laura Ashley dresses on eBay. I'm yet to snag a vintage piece, but consider me a convert." 

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