How Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Is Using Her Platform to Advocate for Mental Health

Second Life Podcast: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau
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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has become a major voice in the mental health industry. In her position as Canada’s de facto “first lady” through her relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, she has used her platform to advocate for better mental health practices and awareness over the last several years.

Before stepping into the limelight, Trudeau began her career in advertising and media, eventually attending TV and radio school, where she confirmed her passion for media. Trudeau held several on-camera television hosting roles, and despite her on-camera success, she decided to pursue a path that was more fulfilling for her. She began volunteer work at BACA, an eating disorder clinic, inspired by her own experiences and struggles. This involvement not only provided her with a platform to make a difference but also clarified her true vocation in mental health advocacy.

The culmination of her experiences and insights is captured in her memoir, Closer Together: Knowing Ourselves, Loving Each Other, released on April 23. In this work, Trudeau offers an intimate glimpse into her personal evolution toward self-acceptance and continual self-improvement, blending personal anecdotes with professional insights and featuring interviews with mental health experts. Trudeau’s efforts extend beyond her literary achievements, as she remains a vibrant advocate for mental health, using her platform to destigmatize mental illness and promote well-being.

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