These Lingerie Trends Are Popping up All Over Instagram

Call it the Dior effect, but lingerie and lingerie-inspired clothing have, in recent seasons, taken over the forefront of fashion—and subsequently, our Instagram feeds. Whether it’s through a sheer top or an interesting layering trick, I feel like I know more about the intimates of influencers more than ever before, and it’s not really a bad thing. Rather than solely relying on what designers or retailers tell us is trending in the lingerie world, we can actually see it for ourselves, to a certain extent of course. And since there’s nothing we love more than culling trends, we thought we’d do just that today and call out the most prominent ones we’re seeing as of late.

From an of-the-moment see-through outfit paired with the unlikeliest of undergarments to the comeback of high-waisted panties, today we’re breaking down the most prominent trends, image by image, shopping pick by shopping pick—in what I hope is the least-creepy way possible. Simply continue on for all you need to know.

That’s all for lingerie, but see the other trends I’m loving from Instagram right now.