5 Popular Lingerie Color Trends to Try This Winter

Winter's frigid months are a great excuse to skip weekend plans and cozy up indoors wearing pretty lingerie. While you likely already have plenty of black lace bras and underwear to choose from, why not mix things up a bit and add a pop of color? It's an instant mood-lifter, and if there's an S.O. in the picture, they'll probably enjoy the new palette, too. Ahead, discover what the top lingerie color trends of the season are and shop your favorites to brighten up your mood.

Eccentric Green

It's been a big year for green. Slime, pistachio, and other unexpected shades have taken the spotlight, which is why it's no surprise the color has permeated all the way down to lingerie trends.

Burnt Orange

Akin to the leaves falling from trees, burnt shades of orange and red are cropping up on pretty bras and underwear—a subtle change from the ordinary neutral palette.


Lavender has been another color trend to take the fashion scene by storm; give the cheerful shade a go in your underwear drawer as well.

Sky Blue

Even though temperatures are bound to dip into freezing digits, that doesn't mean your lingerie can't feel bright and cheerful. This winter, skip the navy and go for sky blue instead.

Chocolate Brown

Did you hear? Chocolate brown is swiftly replacing black.

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