Wow, This Color Trend Is Suddenly Replacing Black

We're not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point in the last couple of months, everyone stopped wearing black and replaced the classic hue with chocolate brown. The swap, though subtle, is a refreshing change, especially considering we're in the midst of autumn and all its cozy, warm palettes.

The interpretations of chocolate brown range from head-to-toe outfits to mixing with other neutrals like custard and black all the way to sleek pieces like croc-effect coats and cozy knits. Ahead, see how influencers are approaching the chocolate brown trend right now.

If you're committing to a trend, might as well really go for it, right? Try a bold brown dress for your first foray in the color wheel.

Brown Pants



For an easy, sleek take on the chocolate brown trend, simply swap out your black trousers for a pair in the warm neutral. 

Brown Tee



Just because you're introducing chocolate brown to your wardrobe doesn't mean you have to kick black to the curb entirely—simply find a way to wear the two together, like a T-shirt styled with a noir jacket and pants.

A brown purse doesn't feel exactly new, but if you've been carting around a black bag for the last few seasons, try a chocolate brown one for a change.

Brown Coat



Double down on the chocolate brown color trend by scoring a piece in a cool texture, like croc-effect or teddy bear.

The beautiful thing about the color brown is it forces us to get more creative with our accessory choices. Yellow and white pair especially well. 

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