25 Lightweight Winter Coats That'll Make Layering So Much Easier



I love puffers and thick fur coats as much as the next person, but as someone who loves to layer, I often end up overheating while wearing a heavier coat, or freezing back up when I take it off. Despite having had to commute to New York and brave the Tri-State cold, I like to play around with layers rather than having one heavy coat, so I can either take a layer or two off or on depending on my comfort level for the given time and place. If you agree, or simply just live in a place with subtle winter weather, then this is the right article for you.

We've rounded up 25 lightweight coats of all different styles and price points for you to dive into and find your pick. Whether you want a casual jacket to throw on over your sweater and jeans or an elevated trench coat to complete any outfit, there's an option amongst this mix for you. 

Oversized coats are perfect for your layers underneath.

I love the look a plaid coat gives to a minimal outfit base.

If you don't want to feel stuffy in a classic coast, opt for a double-breasted one.

This will instantly make any outfit look cooler.

If you still want a little fur on your coat without going overboard, this is the one for you.

The more lightweight alternative to a puffer jacket.

Since you've been wearing that leather blazer so often, try the coat version.

If coats aren't your thing, try a shacket.

I own this and despite being a puffer, it's lightweight and kept me comfortable with layers underneath.

Suede is underrated when it comes to attire for the cold weather.

This was my favorite jacket when I commuted to NYC.

This shade of green should be considered a neutral at this point.

Your favorite activewear brand makes cute jackets too.

If you're not for The North Face's puffers, try their fleece option.

This may be thin, but don't be alarmed—it'll most definitely keep you warm and toasty.

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