10 Cozy Fashion Trends We're Tired of and 10 We're Wearing Instead


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If there's been one major fashion trend to really take off in 2020, it's loungewear. Yep, with our shifting lifestyles, comfortable fashion pieces have never felt so relevant or been in such heavy rotation—at least if you're taking a look at my wardrobe. With all of the focus on cozy fashion, it's inevitable that some trends start to feel a bit overdone. For me, tie-dye falls into that category. While it's no doubt a dose of fun, it feels less versatile than some of the other cool loungewear pieces I've been seeing.

Curious to get my fellow editors to weigh in, I asked them to share the comfortable fashion trends they're putting on hold and the new ones they're making room for in their closets. If you're looking for some updated ways to wear fashion-forward loungewear at home, you'll want to shop their amazing picks. From knitwear sets to ribbed pants to dressy pajamas and more, I know I already feel inspired to add these to my shopping cart.


Skipping: Tie-dye

Wearing: Sweatshorts

Tie-dye was one of the defining trends of 2020, but I wouldn't mind if it fades away a bit. Sweatpants were another major trend this year, but I'm currently loving the sweat shorts that are popping up everywhere. They feel like a fresh take on loungewear that will carry us through to spring.

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Skipping: Sweatpants

Wearing: Knitwear sets

"Okay, so I've never been a fan of sweatpants (in fact, I haven't owned or worn a pair in eight years), so for me, the idea of athleisure and cozy clothing isn't really a part of my approach to getting dressed every day. I feel the most comfortable when I look polished, which is why the prospect of matching knitwear is the only form of cozy-clothing I'm opting into. It's not only trendy, and still polished enough for my liking, but it's perfect for snuggling up with a book in."

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Skipping: Standard pajamas

Wearing: Dressy pajamas

"I will admit that I am one of those people who stays in their pajamas a little longer than I should once the workday starts. To encourage me to get out of my lazy sleepwear slump, I'm investing in fancy pajamas that can also double as loungewear. There is no way I'll feel lazy while waltzing around the house in feathers."

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Skipping: Bike shorts

Wearing: Ribbed knit pants

"I'm done with bike shorts (at least for a little while). I went hard on them earlier this year and even though they're comfortable, they don't actually double as real pants so I'll be reserving them for warm-weather workouts and turning instead to ribbed knit pants. They're definitely lounge-worthy but can also look cool with some low heels."

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Skipping: Graphic sweatshirts

Wearing: Sweatsuit sets

"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm 'over' oversize graphic sweatshirts, but I've been gravitating more towards matching sweatsuits in cool colorways instead of my usual graphic sweatshirt and leggings combo. They're perfect to lounge and WFH in, and if I have to run an errand any cool jacket makes for a relaxed yet forward vibe."

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Skipping: House-only pieces

Wearing: Double-duty items

"I'm not spending any more money on things that I only wear inside the house, like baggy sweatpants or slippers. Instead, I want to buy comfy, cozy pieces that pull double-duty and also look stylish outside the house, like cute cardigans or printed sweatshirts."

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Skipping: T-shirts with sweatpants

Wearing: Matching knit sets

"I'm getting slightly tired of my boring T-shirt and sweatpants combo. Instead, I'm all about matching knit sets for a chic and cozy vibe."

Shop Bobby's picks:


Skipping: Leggings with tees

Wearing: Plush fabrics

"While I was living in oversize tees and leggings for a while I've definitely reached peak fatigue. Instead, I'm cocooning myself in super cushy fabrics now that winter is here like fleece sweats and a textured knit bodysuit."

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Skipping: Leggings

Wearing: Sweater pants

"Call me crazy but I don't really like lounging in leggings. I associate them with working out, which isn't very relaxing, in my opinion. What I am into lately is sweater pants, which are even softer than sweatpants and look a bit more elevated."

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