15 Lightweight Sweatpants That Won't Make Your Legs Melt

From bike shorts to fanny packs to chunky sneakers, there's barely an athleisure trend we haven't like or at least tried once. They're all the definition of practical and comfortable and yet they unapologetically add a bit of boldness. And though these laid-back trends tend to get all the love in the summer, there are some pieces that are less obvious for the season. We're talking about sweatpants.

Even though the name suggests otherwise, there are actual lightweight sweatpant options that won't make your legs melt. And especially so if you pair them with cute bra-like crop tops or oversize T-shirts. Not quite sure how to approach the trend or simply looking for a pair perfect for your air-conditioned apartment? These 15 lightweight sweatpants are effortless and airy in equal measure.

Now here's proof that you can wear these lightweight sweatpants all through summer.

Opening Image: @oursecondskin