These 20 Leopard Slip-On Sneakers Are So Fierce


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

You've heard it all season long—the animal-print trend, in all of its vast patterns and colors, is showing zero signs of falling off the grid. Whether zebra, cheetah, snakeskin, or leopard print, it seems the wild patterns have officially become neutrals in our cold-weather wardrobes. If an allover-spotted coat or black-and-white striped pants are too much for your taste, however, there's an easy, subtle way to rock the print—and it comes in the form of leopard slip-on sneakers.

If there's one shoe style you could never own too many of, it's sneakers, so you shouldn't feel any sort of buyer's remorse if you do end up purchasing a new pair of spotted trainers. What's more, the printed footwear instantly ups the cool factor of any simple outfit, adding a very trend-forward element that's sure to earn you many compliments from friends and strangers alike. Have the sudden urge to scoop up a new pair of leopard-print slip-on sneakers? Read on to shop our picks.

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Eva Thomas