These Are the Trendy Ankle Boots Everyone Will Start Wearing in August

If you're thinking that it's too soon to start thinking about ankle boots (which you're probably not since you're reading this), we'll have to respectfully disagree with you. While the world is still fully in summer mode and happily wearing their swimsuits, shorts, and sandals, the retail world has moved on to the new season and will undoubtedly amp up its all-new offerings for fall in August.

We've been keeping a close watch on said new arrivals, and one of the observations that we've made is that the very on-trend ankle boots that are about to be everywhere are of the leopard-print variety. Thanks to all things '90s, leopard print is basically sweeping the nation right now, so it only makes sense that it's made its way to ankle boots.

Gigi Hadid is already wearing the trend (see recent proof below), and given that August is pretty much the kick-off of fall (in the fashion world, at least), read on to shop the best leopard-print ankle boots the internet is offering up.

Gigi Hadid leopard ankle boots


Gotham/GC Images

On Gigi Hadid: Illesteva Ravello Sunglasses ($220); Svelte Metals Amelia Hoops ($365); Versace The Clans T-Shirt ($350); Prada Etiquette Bag ($2390); Stuart Weitzman Clingy Boots ($349)

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