The Trend I've Worn for 10 Years Straight

Sometime around 10 years ago, I bought a leopard coat from Zara that I still own and wear today. If my memory serves me right, the coat was the first leopard piece I ever owned, and it’s one of those pieces that’s become a winter staple year after year. The reason it works so well in my wardrobe is that it balances out all the neutrals I wear. For the most part, I stick to shades like black, tan, and white, with the occasional addition of pink or denim blue. So mixing in a leopard print gives my outfits some added personality.

The trend, though, can be divisive. The pattern sometimes falls into the category of “tacky” and my own sister cringes every time I throw on that leopard jacket. I’ve never understood the resistance to an animal print myself and have been wearing it for 10 years straight. To my delight, leopard (and other animal prints like tiger and zebra) is one of the biggest trends for fall. So now I’m embracing it to the fullest extent. Ahead see how I’ve been wearing my leopard clothes and shop pieces to try it for yourself.

I’ve owned this leopard coat for years. I honestly can’t even remember how long it’s been now, but I’d say around 10 years. What I love is that it gives some personality to neutrals, which I tend to wear on repeat.

This summer, I gave the leopard one-piece a try and quickly fell for the fun style. This swimsuit is anything but boring.

Available in sizes P to V.

With fall on the mind, I ordered this leopard sweater as a transitional piece for the new season. Right now I’m wearing it with jeans, but I’ll be using it as a layering piece in the next few months.

Available in sizes XXS to M.

Available in sizes 25 to 30.

This skirt hit in the late spring and quickly became the It piece of the summer. I’m wearing it now with pretty tops and heels, but I will be pairing it with boots and chunky sweaters for fall.

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

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