This "Tacky" Bathing Suit Trend Is Actually Summer's Best

While to be honest, I’ve never quite understood how animal print got such a bad rap (as personally, I’m a big fan of the timeless pattern), I think we can all agree that we’ve heard it used in the same sentence as the word tacky from time to time—and even more so when combined with swimwear. Could it be because not as many brands were designing options that felt up to par until now? Because if what’s out there this season is wrong, I don’t want to be right—and I think you’ll soon side with me on this. From models to influencers and even our own editors, it seems like there’s no one on Instagram not showing off their spotted suits, and it’s enough to make anyone want to hop on board.

Continue on for some photos that are changing the way people think of animal-print swimwear (especially in the form of leopard), as well as to shop both the ones you see and some other favorites along the way.