How to Wear a Leather Jacket for Every Occasion

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s outfit inspiration, and when it comes to styling our wardrobe staples (leather jackets, we’re talking about you), we tend to turn to our favorite fashion insiders for advice, like leather-jacket aficionado and the creator of the It-girl brand Veda, Lyndsey Butler. The designer recently shared her tips and tricks to wearing a leather jacket for every occasion with us (think brunch, office, and beyond), and to illustrate her tips, we culled seven spot-on looks to leave you armed and ready for your next outing. Enjoy!

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, the boots that will keep you cute and warm.

Occasion #1: Brunch

“Brunch is a great time to wear some color, so you can use a leather jacket to pare down a bright floral or punch up a lacy number.”

Occasion #2: Cocktails

“Wearing a leather jacket draped over your shoulders is the perfect topper for a little dress and heels. If you are wearing a fitted dress or skirt, consider a jacket that is a little oversize. It will be a nice contrast and keep you looking cool (and feeling warm).”

Occasion #3: Date Night

“Wearing a leather jacket on a date sends a subliminal message to your suitor (and to yourself) that you are confident and cool. Pick a style that you are comfortable in, and in a shape that flatters your figure (don’t wear your ex-boyfriend’s oversize motorcycle jacket).”

Occasion #4: Formal

“I have never been someone who is super comfortable in formal attire, so mixing in something unexpected, like a leather jacket, takes the edge off. I would suggest a cropped style so that it doesn’t totally overwhelm your dress. Pro tip: If you can find a jacket in the same color family as your gown, I would definitely say go for it. This will still add a cool contrast in shape and texture, but it won’t take away from what is underneath.”

Occasion #5: Friends' Night Out

“The best thing about a girls’ night out is that you can dress to impress your friends instead of anyone else, so throw on your coolest leather jacket (think: oversize motorcycle vest or printed floral biker jacket) to complement your vintage overalls and lipstick (two things that only other girls like).”

Occasion #6: Office

“Wearing a leather jacket to the office can be tricky, depending on where you work. So to be safe, I think it’s more fitting to choose a style that is lightweight and slim cut' this way it can be a nice alternative to a blazer. This will look great paired with a crisp white button-down shirt and trousers or a pencil skirt.”

Occasion #7: Weekend/Casual

“The weekends are a great time to wear your favorite tried-and-true jacket. One of my favorites is a slightly oversized black motorcycle jacket that looks great with my go-to jeans.”

Final Piece of Advice: “Contrast is key. A more oversize, tough-looking jacket is best paired with a feminine silhouette, and a sleek, minimal leather jacket will look great with more masculine pieces, like menswear-inspired trousers.”

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, the best reviewed sneakers at Nordstrom.