I Had 72 Hours in Las Vegas—Here's Every Single Beauty Product in My Carry-On



I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas for a friend's birthday and found myself faced with a unique challenge: What on Earth do I pack? There's nothing I hate in the world more than packing. If I could have someone pack for me, I would. That being said, I also hate being unprepared, so I try to pack smartly.

As a beauty editor, my packing list obviously consists of a lot of beauty products. There are a few items I can't imagine leaving home without, and on a trip like this one, I also wanted to try out some fun beauty trends. (Face jewels, anyone?)

My rules for packing are simple: make sure you have what you need for every feasible situation, try not to overpack (but definitely don't underpack), and make a sustainable choice whenever possible. With the right packing accessories, you likely won't need to buy any travel-sized items—trust me on that. Below, find everything beauty related I brought with me in my carry-on, and yes, it all fit in that one bag.



Travel favorites:

I've had this makeup bag for years, and it's never failed me. It fits so much in it, and I love that there are multiple compartments so you can categorize your products. 

I hate trying to fit all of my liquids into a ziplock bag. It's always a tight squeeze, the zipper always seems to break, and it also feels like a huge waste of plastic. I like to use reusable quart-sized bags for my liquids. These are TSA compliant and only $11 for a two-pack.

Another favorite bag for traveling, this sandwich-sized bag is leak-proof and so easy to use. 

When it's possible, I try to avoid buying travel-sized versions of items I already own. It feels wasteful to me when I could just put products into travel-sized liquid pouches. These are my favorite because they fit in everything and are spill resistant. 


If you're going somewhere like Las Vegas, you're going to want a good de-puffing mask. This one has caffeine to give your skin a jolt of energy. 

I like to give myself options when it comes to masking. I'm from Colorado, and I know how dry it can get out west, so I also made sure to pack this deeply moisturizing cryo mask to use post-airplane. 

Eye masks are also a must for me on vacation. They're one of those things you won't think to bring until you wish you had them with you. These help calm, de-puff, and firm the skin under your eyes. 

As I said, I like to give myself options! I packed these in case I had a night without a proper amount of sleep. (Spoiler alert: It's tough not to in Las Vegas.) The peptides in this mask help diminish dark circles and brighten under-eye skin.

My skin gets dry really easily, and I like to use hyaluronic acid to combat dryness ASAP. This serum gets deep into the skin, infusing tons of moisture when you need it. I like applying it over a face mist at home, but putting it on immediately post-shower works in a pinch. 

I like bringing cleansing balms with me on vacation because they're solids (so easy to pack), and they help take off makeup seamlessly. 

This is my favorite sunscreen of all time, and I refuse to travel without it. It makes the skin incredibly glowy. During the day, I like to only use GlowScreen and some concealer. It also acts as a makeup primer if you want to do a full face. 

I honestly don't know what I was doing before I found this sunscreen mist. As far as the sun goes, this checks all my boxes. It has SPF 38, goes on in a superfine mist, is easy to reapply as needed, and sets makeup. I even found myself spritzing it onto my shoulders whenever I felt they were getting too much sun. Plus, it smells incredibly refreshing. 

When I'm traveling, I like to stick with the basics for skincare. This rich, frill-free moisturizer helps revive and plump my skin. 

Eye masks help with de-puffing and minimizing dark circles, but I'm a die-hard eye-cream fanatic, and this one always comes with me when I travel. It moisturizes and works to stop puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines in their tracks.

I am truly not a makeup-wipe person, but I keep a pack of Neutrogena makeup wipes with me when I travel in case I need them, and I nearly always do. I find makeup wipes a bit wasteful, but I feel better knowing these are now made with plant fibers to be compostable at home. 

I can't go anywhere without lip balm. This balm from Ilia delivers both instant and long-lasting moisture thanks to hyaluronic acid and sea succulent. 

A lip balm with sunscreen is always a good idea to bring on the go, and this one smells divine.


I'm not fan of false lashes but if there's one place I'm going to wear fake lashes, it's Las Vegas. These lashes from Ariana Grande's line convinced me that maybe I need more falsies in my life. They're flattering and not too long and look much more expensive than they are.

This is the holy-grail lash adhesive. For seamless application, apply an even coat to lashes and let it dry until it's tacky before trying to adhere them.

It's always good to have tweezers with you, whether to pluck a stray hair or to help you apply false lashes or gems.

Face gems are majorly trending, and I love that these ones come in multiple sizes. Plus, they're just $3.

Saie's newest makeup product doesn't disappoint. It hydrates, brightens, and hides imperfections, all while looking like skin. 

In my book, these brushes work for just about everything. I always throw them in my travel bag.

For a natural-looking, controlled glow, I reach for this Merit highlighting stick, which is easy to pack. 

For how compact this palette is, it has so many colors, which makes it a traveler's dream. The colors are buildable, blendable, and highly pigmented. 

I cannot stop wearing this sultry plum-toned lip color. 

The second I tried this lip liner and setter, I knew the duo was going to be on heavy rotation. Once it's on, it doesn't budge. The fine tip allows you to have tons of control when applying. 

This is the only setting powder I will touch. It's so finely milled that it doesn't look cakey or leave any residue. It just makes your makeup look natural and finished perfectly. 

This bronzer is lightweight, blends easily, and gives you a naturally sun-kissed glow. 

Out of every mascara I own (and I own many), I chose to bring this one because I'm pretty sure it would last through an extreme weather event. I have dry eyes, and they chose to act up in Vegas, but my mascara stayed in place the entire time.

I would use this dual-ended eyeliner for any and all ocassions. It works so well for sharper eyeliner or more diffused looks. 

This eyebrow pencil lets me draw hairlike strokes that look completely natural. It also stays on without smudging or smearing. 

I always top off my brow pencil with clear gel to ensure my eyebrows stay locked in place. 

Charlotte Tilbury eye shadows are truly a dream. This compact palette comes in ultra-flattering rosy shades, and they don't budge or have any fallout, even if you don't use primer (which I didn't bring).

I love a matte red lip, but I want it to feel comfortable and not drying. Chanel's Rouge Allure Ink is my favorite liquid lipstick for the perfect red lip every time.

I consider this single eye shadow to be the ultimate eye definer. 

I will never go anywhere without curling my lashes. This gives them the perfect coif that stays for hours. 

This is my ideal blush, because it's endlessly multipurpose and so blendable. The color is highly pigmented but diffuses easily. I like blending this into my eyes for a simple, rosy glow all over. 

Pro tip: never leave the state without a eyeliner sharpener. 


Say it with me: Solid travel products are always smart. I can't go anywhere without body lotion in fear of my skin turning into a desert, so I like to bring this solid body moisturizer with me on trips. It's easy to use and mess-free.

In my opinion, this might be the most clever and innovative product I own. I always take this bodywash with me to travel because the packet dissolves in the shower, meaning I don't have to take anything home (or feel wasteful).

I squeezed some of this into one of my liquid travel pouches so I could bring my own sunscreen. This one is extra protective since it gets more effective as it's exposed to water and heat.

I've had this body oil for a bit and have wondered when I'm ever going to use it. The answer: Las Vegas. It actually gives skin a very subtle, pretty shimmer and smells like the cult-favorite Soleil Neige fragrance. I'm going to start wearing it more often.

I did end up buying a travel-sized deodorant. This scent is refreshing, and it provides 48-hour protection.

This is one of my all-time favorite perfumes, and it's perfect for anywhere with hot weather since it smells like the ocean and tropical florals. 

I had a small bottle of this lying around, so I tossed it in my carry-on, and I'm glad I did. This perfume  guarantees endless compliments. 

Since it's hot in Nevada and I knew I'd be spending time at the pool, I wanted to bring along a few body wipes to freshen up if needed. 


Once again, I opted for a solid product to toss into my reusable bag for shampoo and conditioner. These are deeply hydrating and easy to use. 

I'm a hair minimalist, and luckily, Sol de Janeiro's newest hair product lets me continue being one. This multitasking product protects from heat, tamps down on frizz, and hydrates hair. 

Wet or dry, I use this brush for every ocassion. It never causes any snags and keeps my hair tangle-free.

I used the hotel's hair dryer but popped in some curls with this wand, which I've been using for years.