My L.A. and NYC Friends Asked for My Winter Shopping List—Here It Is, Everyone


(Image credit: @_jessicaskye)

As someone who writes about fashion, I'm frequently asked by my friends on both coasts what my shopping list looks like. (Even though the West Coast has been my home for the past few years, let's just say I moved between L.A. and NYC more than the average bear.) When the winter holidays roll around, this sentiment gets ramped up tenfold. I think because I've spent so much time in both cities, I've managed to acquire a proven track record of knowing (and spotting) what works on the East Eoast, what works on the West Coast, and of course, what works if you're blessed enough to be a bicoastal queen.

Considering L.A. and NYC have very different winter climates, I like to focus on buying versatile items that can potentially be worn in both places. Hence, my winter shopping list goes heavy on pieces that you can layer. It's also cozy season, which means I'm looking for items I can curl up in, like a new pair of shearling slippers or a flannel pajama set.

So without further ado, my winter shopping list is now at your disposal. And, I've gotta say, it's pretty cute.

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