Yep, The Coolest Winter Outfits All Feature These 8 Pieces

winter outfits



Want to know the key to looking cool this winter? It's not about planning all your outfits days in advance, buying into a bunch of new trends, or nailing down a precise layering combo. While all of those things will definitely help you to achieve a good cold-weather look, it's actually much simpler than that. In all the research I've done on Instagram, I've found that the coolest winter outfits come down to a few key (and on-trend) wardrobe staples

I'm not saying you need to go out and buy all of the things I'm highlighting here (my wallet hurts at the thought), but hopefully you'll see how swapping in one of these of-the-moment pieces will totally upgrade your outfits for the rest of the season. Whether it be wearing leather pants in lieu of your usual jeans or opting for some practical-chic chunky boots, scroll through to see the eight must-have pieces to keep you warm, snug, and stylish, and fill up on styling ideas from our favorite fashion people.

1. Leather Pants
leather pants winter outfit



Forget wearing jeans and a sweater—leather pants make even the simplest outfits so much cooler.

Leather Pants
winter outfits with leather pants



Style yours like fashion girls are right now with a cardigan and loafers.

2. Tall Chunky Boots
winter outfits with tall chunky boots



These trendy boots are comfortable and also happen to be practical for winter so, yes, they're elite.

chunky boots winter outfit



Leggings and this boot trend are a match made in heaven.

3. Second-Skin Tops
second-skin tops winter outfit



Make a graphic print top the centerpiece of your outfit.

winter outfits with second-skin tops



They're basically made for tucking into high-waisted jeans.

Knit Sets
knit set winter outfit



Comfy, cool, and put-together—what's not to love?

winter outfits with knit sets



Some chain jewelry makes the look so elevated.

Ripped Jeans
ripped jeans winter outfit



Ripped jeans with a basic sweater and loafers make for the perfect casual winter look.

Tall Chunky Boots
winter outfits with ripped jeans



They also happen to pair well with chunky-sole boots, another A+ winter trend.

Asymmetric Tops
asymmetric top winter outfits



Asymmetric tops are the kind of item that's an easy-to-wear basic but adds a little something extra.

asymmetric tops



The simplest winter outfit, a long sleeve top with jeans, looks so all the cooler with an off-kilter neckline.

Retro Sneakers
retro sneakers winter outfit



If you're going to wear sneakers right now, reach for a cool throwback pair from brands like New Balance and Reebok.

winter outfits with retro sneakers



Wear them now with winter pieces like a camel coat and keep wearing them with your basics year-round.

Layered Collars
layered collars winter outfit



Two pieces that were made for each other, sweater vests and collared shirts, combine to make a trendy winter 'fit.

winter outfits with layered collars



Style the combo with your trusted black pants and ankle boots.

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