We Figured Out How Kim Kardashian West Is Editing Her Instagram Photos

Kim Kardashian West returned to social media earlier this year, but not as we know it. After a three month hiatus, she’s come back with a completely new Instagram vibe (and style vibe)—and if possible, even more calculated than she already was. With over 90 million followers, it’s pretty safe to say Kim knows what she’s doing on the app, and with a few Insta-rebrands already under her belt, precedent says she’s about to set another trend. You may remember in 2014 Kim was posting images on Instagram with a white border—it wasn’t long until the internet followed. When she switched back to full borders, everyone else did too.

Kim’s first post on Instagram for 2017 was a grainy image of her family, with high contrast. Following that initial post (which received over four million ‘likes’), she’s continued the theme, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The images have a vintage vibe and give a more personal look into the life of Kardashian West (and family).

While the internet is quizzing whether this new look is here to stay, we thought we’d try and work out just how she’s creating it—and we think we got to the bottom of it. Keep in mind, Kim has someone on hand who edits all her photos, so the process is probably a lot more elaborate than what we’ve come up with, but you can achieve a similar look and feel. Keep scrolling to find out how to do it and peep our attempt!


(Image credit: Who What Wear Australia)

Step One:

Take a Polaroid photo.

Step Two:

Open the photo editing app VSCO and take a picture of your Polaroid.

Step Three:

Use the filter HB2.

Step Four:

Increase or decrease the contrast so the black is more pronounced.

Step Five:

Increase the 'grain' and 'fade' to give the vintage feel.

Step Six:

Using the 'highlights', overlay blue, red, or green, and adjust intensity.

Now all you need is a LuMee case (aka the secret to Kim Kardashian West's selfies) to take your pictures.

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Amanda Bardas