Kendall Jenner Just Brought Back the #1 Puffer of 2018

Last year, there was one puffer jacket in particular that swept the nation as celebrity after celebrity, editor after editor, and nearly every New Yorker took on the freezing temperatures in this jacket—the Tna Super Puff sold at Aritzia. For the second time this week, Kendall Jenner was spotted sporting the style proving the shelf life of this particular puffer is far from expired. With a celeb as big as KJ giving this jacket her stamp of approval, we're putting big money on the fact that this will be the jacket to be seen in this winter yet again.

Ready to shop the Super Puff for yourself? Before you do, let us hit you with the facts. "Engineered to deliver warmth to -30°C/-22°F," Aritizia told us, "the Super Puff will keep you super warm where it counts. Designed with maximalist proportions, this version is made from an innovative Japanese ripstop fabric that's water repellent and gives when you move. Additionally, it contains 100% responsibly sourced goose down." Oh, and did we mention it comes in basically every color of the rainbow and even metallic versions? Yeah, it's a good one. Now get shopping.

Shop the Tna Super Puff:
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