So, I'm Not the Only One Obsessed With This Puffer


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I'm not a winter person. The minute the temperature drops, I can't make it to drinks, brunch, or a museum visit. I'm at home in bed wearing as many layers as possible. But despite my aversion to any temperature under 50 (I'm from California, give me a break), this winter there's one thing that has made life a bit more manageable: Aritzia's Super Puff coat. 

What makes this puffer different from any other down coat out there? Well, first let me start with two words: lined pockets. I'm not sure why I never owned a winter coat with cozy lined pockets before, but having left behind achy, red, frozen fingers, I'm sold for life. The coat also has fitted sleeves (to avoid cold air up the arms, a removable hood, and generally it's just ridiculously warm. While appreciating good style is a part of my job, it's nice when function goes hand and hand with it. 

Here's the thing, I'm not the only one who has developed an infatuation with this winter staple. I've spotted it on the Instagram feeds of editor friends and recently on Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss as well. Just a glance at how we're all styling the jacket makes two things clear: It comes in a lot of color options, and it looks just as good with skinny jeans as it does with more trend-forward pieces.

If I haven't sold the coat already, here's one more bit of notable news: It's also on sale. While I know that paying north of $200 can feel like a lot, I consider coats to be a piece worth investing in. And if you factor in the cost-per-wear for a coat like this (personally, I wear it two to three times a week), it quickly proves itself worthy of the investment. See examples of how to wear it below, and shop it in a range of colors.


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