The 10 Products Katie Holmes Swears By for Incredible Skin at 41

When it comes to unearthing covetable high-street gems, there's one woman that has been showing us how it's done recently: Katie Holmes. Sure, she's always had impeccable style, but the fashion team's recent gushing over her chic Mango blazers and £30 Zara shoes means I've been paying closer attention to the Dawson's Creek star than ever before. And guess what I noticed? Katie Holmes has seriously incredible skin. Yes, at 41, Holmes steps out regularly with the kind of radiant complexion that even my 19-year-old-self would have envied. As for me at 30? I'm going to need some of what Katie's having.


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Luckily Katie hasn't been shy about sharing her favourite beauty products over the years, and there are plenty of skincare and makeup items she credits for her trademark glow. Keep scrolling to see what they are and shop them for yourself.


#1: Powder Blush
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"You know, I always keep powder blush in my purse," Katie told Into the Gloss. That's my little trick because, sometimes, you never know what the day is going to bring, and blush can really wake you up and make you look presentable. It can take you from a school pick-up to a dinner. My favourite blushes are Tom Ford's—I really like nectarine-peachy colours."


#2: Cream Cleanser
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"When I'm working long days and wearing a lot of makeup under the harsh lights, I try to have a facial or rely on the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cream Wash," Holmes revealed to Hello. "It's got a lovely creamy formula, and it helps to purify and exfoliate to refresh my skin."


#3: Sheet Mask
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As for the skincare product she can't live without, Katie told Allure that it was this rejuvenating sheet mask from Japanese beauty brand SK-II, which leaves skin dewy and radiant in 10 minutes.


#4: Face Oil
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"As a teenager, skincare is about putting no oil on your skin because you don't want any blemishes, and then in your 30s, you're putting as much oil as it can take to avoid wrinkles," Katie told Vogue.


#5: Facials
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Holmes credits a professional touch for taking care of her skin: "I love a facial," she revealed. "I don't have one particular place. I try different places all of the time. It's just so nice having someone touch your skin." Facialists can be costly, however, so I'd recommend using a face oil with a tool like the one from Sarah Chapman to get the effects of a pro facial massage in the comfort of your own home.


#6: Natural products
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Whether it's the beauty products she puts on her hair or her skin, Katie Holmes is passionate about one thing: embracing products free of harsh chemicals. "I think it's really good to put good things on your hair just like it is to put good things, like good food, in your body and take care of yourself," she told Forbes.


#7: Moisturiser
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"I also love the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturiser," Katie told Hello. "It really helps to hydrate and balance my skin and makes it feel soft and smooth."


#8: More Face Masks
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It's not just sheet masks Katie loves—she swears by doing regular face masks too. "Every night," she told Elle. "I use the Dr. Hauschka Firming and Rejuvenating masks. I like to do them during Skype calls with my friends, just to keep it real. Face time!"


#9: Shimmer Powder
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Katie revealed to Elle that the one product she can't live without is Bobbi Brown's cult Shimmer Brick. "I usually put it on right away in the morning because it brightens up my whole face," she said.


#10: White Eye Shadow
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After spending plenty of time backstage with the best makeup artists, it's no surprise Katie has picked up some pro tips for making herself look more luminous and wide awake. "One of my favourite tips is to dab white eye shadow on the inner corners of my eyes to help brighten them," she told Hello.

Next up, 14 face primers for glowing skin—and the foundations to pair them with.

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