Celebrities With Great Skin Always Go Back to These 4 Facials

We're fairly certain celebrities aren't born with glowing skin—surely they have their struggles like the rest of us. But we're also sure they have more help on their side when it comes to busting acne, tightening pores, smoothing things out and generally looking brighter than even the most Facetuned mortal. With an array of facialists, expensive products and nutritionists at their disposal, they're able to book in for regular treatments to cleanse, tone and extract any issues away.

We may not be able to splurge on weekly treatments ourselves or be BFFs with Sarah Chapman, but there are a few key facials celebrities turn to time and time again that we think are genuinely worth booking. Great skin can be down to many things, but any expert will always confirm that a regular quality facial can really do wonders. Even two times a year could make a significant difference. PS, if you can't afford the below treatments we've also rounded up some products you can use at home to a similar effect.

iS Clinical Fire and Ice Resurfacing Facial


(Image credit: @rosiehw)

Known as the Red Carpet Facial for its quick downtime, the iS Clinical Fire and Ice Resurfacing facial is popular amongst celebrities—most notably Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I've had this facial a few times at The Ned in London, so I turned to their Club Spa GM Svetlana Strbac-Lewis for some answers. She told me this facial is an intensive treatment clinically formulated to rapidly and safely resurface the skin. It helps reduce fine lines, address problem skin and encourage cellular renewal—hence why it leaves your skin, quite literally, glowing.

It can be tailored depending on your skin concerns, so if acne is something you struggle with, they recommend a higher dose of blue LED light, as it provides antibacterial protection, which helps refine your pores and control oil production. Whereas the red LED light boosts your skin cells that produce collagen and elastin. Finally, infrared light is used to soothe redness, sensitivity and irritation. After about a week or so, I definitely noticed my skin looked and felt visibly clearer and there was definite lit-from-within glow—so it's no wonder celebrities like Rosie love it.

The iS Clinical Fire and Ice facial is available at The Ned, London for £160.

The Triad Facial


(Image credit: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain)

Another popular pre–red carpet facial is Dr. Colbert's Triad Facial (loved by Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts). This three-part treatment uses microdermabrasion laser toning and a chemical peel to give your skin an instant boost, and help speed up cell rejuvenation and collagen stimulation. The results? You're left with fresh, dewy skin and no downtime, so it's perfect for a pick-me-up before a night out. It is on the pricer end, however, so if you can't afford the £800 price tag at the Harrods Wellness Clinic, why not try some of Dr. Colbert's line at home?

The Legacy Facial


(Image credit: @victoriabeckham )

Naturally, skincare addict Victoria Beckham would be a fan of the most expensive and luxurious facial out there, the Legacy Facial—but can you blame her when her skin looks this good? Created by Harold Lancer, MD, this treatment includes a caviar sheet mask, injecting stem cells into the skin, an eye mask made from crushed pearls and finally LED light and oxygen therapy. Simple, right? It's been nicknamed the "foetus facial" (ew), as it leaves your skin looking baby-smooth with reduced fine lines, skin tightening and glowing complexion. This facial is also only available in America, but Dr. Lancer does have his own line, and the products are seriously good.

The Inner Facial 


(Image credit: @patidubroff)

Created by celebrity facialist Nichola Joss, the Inner Facial uses deep massage movements to feel for areas of tension and stress in the muscle tissue and sculpt and contour the face. De-stressing the muscle tissue allows the face to become more vibrant and flushes it with the nutrients needed for a healthy glow. Margot Robbie and Kate Moss are both fans, and while booking in for a treatment with Joss would be hugely beneficial, you can create your own deep-massage facial at home with oils.

You can book in for the Inner Facial with Nichola Joss here; prices start at £350.