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When it comes to shopping for the best natural skincare products, there are two beauty retailers I shop both religiously and exclusively—The Detox Market and Credo Beauty. Sure, natural beauty has blown up over the past few years and is now available just about everywhere (even the drugstore!) but when it comes to quality and assortment, the above to retailers are my ride-or-die pit stops. Neither store allows toxic ingredients over their threshold, and you'll never find icky things lurking like parabens, synthetic fragrances, PRGSm, and petrochemicals. (Both stores are super transparent about the ingredients they do and don't allow; just stop by their websites!) Oh, and both The Detox Market and Credo are committed to 100% cruelty-free beauty offerings.

Best Natural Skincare Products



However, there is a hitch. Considering how many amazing nontoxic brands each store has, sifting through all the beautifully packaged and enticing options can feel a bit overwhelming. (Plus, the idea of switching over to the green side can definitely feel intimidating if you're not sure where to start!) Since we're all about spreading the love, we sifted through both Credo and The Detox Market to find the best-selling, highest-rated skincare picks in all our favorite categories. (Many of which we've tried, tested, and fallen in love with ourselves.) Ahead, we're sharing 18 cleansers, serums, masks, and more we think you need to best outfit your soon-to-be nontoxic-and-natural skincare wardrobe. Keep scrolling!


With a solid five-star rating and more than 80 reviews on Credo's website, this gentle cleansing oil is a top pick as far as the best natural skincare products go. It's infused with vitamin B for brightening, purifying, and toning benefits, and also contains natural fruit enzyme, papain, to slough away dead skin. 

Yes, we realize this best seller from May Lindstrom bears some hearty sticker shock, but this unbeatable formula is worth it. It has a cool powder-to-mousse consistency that smells like freshly baked cookies and manages to clean and exfoliate your skin to perfection before you even get to your other skincare products. (Confession: We've gone to bed countless nights after using this cleanser and this cleanser alone.) The starring ingredients? Detoxifying halloysite clay, acne-busting clove, calming rose, and glow-encouraging ginger.


This is facial in a jar is a best seller at both Credo and The Detox Market and is gentle enough to work its exfoliating magic on every skin type. The formula boasts USDA-certified organic ingredients and contains about 86% total organic content. Plus, the lineup of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids and plant-based cellulose beads works to reveal a super-radiant complexion. 

So. This particular natural skincare product (and honestly, any formula from Goldfaden M.D.) is one of those under-the-radar gems that doesn't receive nearly enough attention considering how stellar of a formula it is. It plays nicely with all skin types, is delicate enough for daily use, and is chock-full of the most-wanted skincare ingredients like hydrating, line-plumping hyaluronic acid, nutrient-rich seaweed, and transformative organic red tea extract. 


This delicious resurfacing mask from Tata Harper is a gold-standard favorite in the beauty industry. (I don't know a single editor who doesn't keep it in stock at all types.) It has natural exfoliating agents, in addition to pretty pink clay to suck up excess oil and sebum. 

Not only does this top-rated best seller yield impressive skin perks, but it's also a fun way to treat your face to some T.L.C. This clay- and activated-charcoal mask is housed as a powder, and you'll add water to activate the ingredients while also transforming the powder into a luxe, skin-improving paste. You can apply as-is, or you can add other pantry-found skin boosters like lemon juice, manuka honey, apple cider vinegar—the options, are endless as far as customization goes.


This dew-enhancing elixir from Josh Rosebrook is a beloved natural skincare product shoppers prioritize (and gush about) at both Credo and The Detox Market. It's a unique hybrid that can work triple-threat style as a serum, toner, or moisturizer with hydrating, vitamin-packed inclusions like aloe vera, evening primrose, licorice, ashwagandha, and vanilla.

This toner is a staple within the world of natural skincare and is a universal best seller across multiple retailers. It maintains a five-star rating (with 40+ reviews) and 106 "loves" on The Detox Market's website and thanks to a moisturizing roster of refreshing ingredients like aloe vera, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and cucumber, the skin is left detoxified, clear, bright, and balanced. (I swear—one use and you'll be addicted for life.)


Full disclaimer—before seeing this beautifying sleep serum on Credo's page of best-selling serums, I'd never heard of the brand or this particular formula. That said, Credo's natural beauty shoppers apparently love it as it has an impressive 4.5-star rating with over 200 reviews. We'll attribute it to the omega fatty acid–packed boost of nutrition and other unique factors like soothing softalia and wrinkle-reducing Caribbean coral. Luxe.

Okay, okay. We know it's not all about the packaging, but we dare you to find a more aesthetically pleasing way to bottle a serum. That said, in addition to Kypris's signature whimsical bottles and jars, its high-quality natural formulas actually walk to the walk. The brand is a favorite among beauty editors, and this dreamt serum is a standout. You can use it as a moisturizer or serum and thanks to its rejuvenating blend of 26 glow-enhancing ingredients; even the dullest of complexions will reap a dewier, plumper, and brighter finish.


FYI: This is one of the best multitasking natural skincare products money can buy. As the name oh-so-appropriately suggests, it's a five-in-one face changer that offers up essential mineral-based sun protection (SPF 30!) in addition to high-quality organic hydrators like aloe vera, jojoba, sunflower, pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea, plus natural-looking tint for some extra coverage. 

Pai is one of the loveliest and most-coveted natural skincare brands on the market, so it's no surprise this delicate day cream flies off the shelves at The Detox Market. Of course, anyone can use it, but it's a phenomenal option for those with oily or combination skin, since ingredients like thistle, borage seed oil, and lavender help re-balance, calm, and minimize stubborn breakouts.

Eye Treatments

I can personally attest to how amazing these cooling eye patches from Honest Hazel are, and Credo's high-standard shoppers apparently agree. Ultra-refreshing and rejuvenating, they're spiked with puff-reducing cactus collagen along with shadow- and line-reducing aloe vera. vitamins, and arbutin. Pro tip: They're best stored in the fridge for maximum calming!

What's more fun than wearing chartreuse, highly caffeinated eye masks? (Correct answer: nothing.) Hydrating, brightening, and de-puffing, this eye treatment is one of the best-selling natural skincare products at The Detox Market, and the specialized hydrogel technology (which ensures the active ingredients sink into your skin!) boasts 95% organic aloe water and 5% plant cellulose. 

Acne Treatments

This acne-busting nighttime serum might be an investment, but considering retinol is one of the best long-term solutions for clearing acne and residual scarring from breakouts, this best-selling natural skincare pick from Marie Veronique is the ultimate product pick. It's gentle enough to use every night as a serum (unlike so many retinol formulas), and features a strategic blend of vitamins A, C, and E for maximum results you'll actually see. 

I've heard many a beauty editors sing this acne treatment's praises ever since its debut. And, considering acne spot treatments are a bit controversial within the skincare realm (some say they're just a farce and not all that effective), that's saying something! Its unique blend of soothing, detoxifying oils and botanicals treat existing pimples and discourage future breakouts from happening to begin with. Plus, it has a solid 4.5-star rating on The Detox Market's website, with over 70 reviews. 

Lip Balm

Lip balms may seem basic, but finding a natural formula that actually meets our standards for stay-all-day moisture can be tricky. This sweetly-packaged tinted version from Olio E Osso is Credo's top-selling lip treatment, and, fun fact, can actually be used anywhere on your face or body—even parched strands! Consider it your go-to utility beauty product. 

If you're looking to treat your lips to some necessary TLC without scaring your bank account, we recommend Hurraw!'s tube of black cherry-lip balm. It's only $5 and is a best-selling, top-rated pick at The Detox Market. Oh, and if fruity balm isn't your vibe, it has plenty of other less-obtrusive flavor picks to choose from. 

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