14 Rihanna-Approved Beauty Products That Fenty Can Barely Keep in Stock

Fenty Beauty review

Full disclosure: There isn't really a Fenty Beauty product I've tried that I don't like. Obviously, that means this article was written with a certain level of bias—one I'll happily admit to. Each product, whether it's a lipstick or a foundation, works so well for every skin type and tone that you have to wonder how Rihanna and her team perform such wizardry. 

Seemingly, life is pretty good for Rihanna ATM—she just had her baby, and the brand can't seem to stop things from flying off the shelves every day. Beauty lovers (and editors) are just obsessed, and it felt like the right time to finally round up a few of Fenty's most beloved products and share it with the world. If you haven't tried anything from the brand yet and are looking for a place to start, keep scrolling for some of my all-time favorites and the brand's continual best sellers.

I mean, there's a reason makeup artists on every social media platform sing this foundation's praises⁠—it's just that good. It's one of the best Fenty Beauty products out there but mattifies really fast, so you'll have to work quickly with this foundation. But once it sets, it creates a gorgeous, filtered look on the skin. You can also build it up to fuller coverage or wear just one sheer layer to create a light blurring effect.

Fenty's Gloss Bomb remains a best seller for the brand due to its next-level shine and high pigment payoff. The formula is long-lasting and won't dry out your lips as it's loaded with hydrating ingredients like shea butter. I also love that the shade range, from a light pink to an almost-burnt orange⁠—stunning.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret⁠—this is low-key one of the best primers I've ever used. It's been a long-time favorite in my arsenal, and it will continue to be for as long as the brand makes it. My makeup always sits just right when I use it along with a good facial oil. I like a dewier finish, so just a quick swipe of this before applying my foundation always works perfectly.

If a full-coverage foundation just isn't your vibe, Fenty's Eaze Drop Skin Tint is the next best thing. It's so lightweight, it's easy to apply with your fingers, and it hydrates the skin really nicely throughout the day. It's also a solid option for summer since it's transfer- and sweat-resistant.

Every single shade of this lip paint is gold—that's obviously why the brand can barely keep it in stock. It stays matte and smooth throughout the day without causing majorly chapped lips. My personal favorite shades are Unbutton and Unveil.

This foundation provides more of a natural finish than the brand's Soft Matte Foundation. It's also a great option for dry skin as it contains hydrating grape-seed oil to help make it more comfortable for all-day wear.

Slip Shine is easily one of the most comfortable lipsticks I've ever worn. The shades offered are so great for everyday wear but can also transition easily into a night look, too. Pomegranate butter smooths and hydrates your lips while shades like Goji Gang provide a hint of shimmer to go with it.

Fenty Beauty review



I know I have a lot of favorites from this brand, but this highlighter also makes my list (sorry). It's one of the most pigmented highlighters I've ever used, and I love mixing the two shades in the compact together for even more pop. ICYWW, my go-to is Afternoon Snack/Mo' Honey. 

Instant Retouch is creamy and creaseproof but never cakey. The 50-shade range doesn't hurt, either.

As far as contour sticks go, this one is the crème de la crème. It's highly blendable and comes in a pretty impressive shade range.

I'm not much of a powder gal these days. But for those who are fans, you should know this is one of Fenty's best sellers because it delivers. 

Fans love Fat Water because it's a toner-serum hybrid that improves the look of enlarged pores and dark spots and brightens with its star ingredient, niacinamide.

Hydra Vizor is a two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen that also comes in a fragrance-free option. It's the perfect next step to use after the Fat Water to help add moisture and improve the look of fine lines, discoloration, and dark spots.

This limited-edition body luminizer adds the perfect amount of summer shimmer (even when it isn't summer).