7 Shoe Trends Kate Middleton Never Wears Anymore


Getty Images

Is it just us, or does Kate Middleton's style get better by the day? While she certainly relies on her signature A-line dresses and pointy-toe pumps, she likes to throw us a curveball every once in a while with wide-leg trousers, daring sheer dresses, on-trend hair accessories, and other unexpected pieces—and we're definitely appreciative that she keeps things interesting.

Looking through old photos, it's clear that the Duchess of Cambridge has completely abandoned certain wardrobe items in the midst of her continual style evolution. For instance, Middleton never wears kitten heels anymore—she either wears low ankle boots or high-heel pumps. She's also sworn off Ugg boots for good, nixed platform heels, and ditched several other styles as well. Scroll down to see seven shoe trends Kate Middleton never wears and what she's replaced them with.