Kate Middleton Has a $7 Secret to Stop Her Shoes From Slipping


Getty Images

Remember when we learned Meghan Markle's hack for avoiding blisters from heels? Well, as it turns out, Kate Middleton has a secret of her own when it comes to footwear. You may already know that royals often wear stockings with dresses for formal occasions, but The Sun reports that the Duchess of Cambridge wears tights with built-in sticky pads on the soles to prevent her shoes from slipping. Specifically, Middleton wears the John Lewis 7 Denier Barely There Non-Slip Tights ($7), which are available in beige, black, and tan.

The Sun even tracked down a photo of Middleton wearing the tights with the sticky pads visible, so you know they're officially royalty-approved. Considering how often Middleton has to wear heels for official royal functions, we imagine it's a relief to find a hack to make it just a bit easier. Scroll down to shop the tights and revisit Middleton's chic collection of heels.