Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Look Identical in These Pics Shot 15 Years Apart

In some cases the phrase "like mother, like daughter" can be quite literal. There are a handful of celebrity examples of mother-daughter duos where the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This is particularly true for Goldie Hawn and her lookalike daughter, Kate Hudson, who share the same big smiles, bright eyes, and bone structure down to a T. While their resemblance is undeniable, we've found photos of each where they look so much like the other it's difficult to tell them apart. While it's easy to compare daughter to mother when you put photos of the same age side by side (Kaia Gerber is the spitting image of a young Cindy Crawford), Hudson could be Hawn's twin even 15 years apart. In these spitting-image photos, Hudson is a couple months shy of her 29th birthday and Hawn is 43.

Keep scrolling to see the photos.


Barry King/Getty

WHO: Goldie Hawn


Mark Marsland/Getty

WHO: Kate Hudson

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