Kaia Gerber, Have You Been 'Fit Stalking Me on Instagram?

I wore an outfit. Then Kaia Gerber wore the same outfit. Now I'm not sure how to feel about the whole saga. As a 27-year-old woman, wearing the same outfit as someone who is 16 makes me second-guess my personal style choices. The ensemble in question is pretty basic: a sweatshirt and sporty shorts, sneakers, and a bucket hat. And it seems that both myself and Gerber chose the ensemble to run errands around NYC. My explanation: While I dress up for work, you can bet I'm in athleisure on a low-key Sunday.

There are subtle differences between Gerber's and my styling choices (my high socks, and her Supreme merch), but at its core, it's clear that there's a certain universality in lazy dressing. What we wear sends a message whether we want it to or not, and while clothing can be armor or a statement, sometimes it's just meant to be practical. Sure, there will always be times when dressing up is required, but when I'm not obligated to make much of an effort, it seems that there's still a bit of a teenager left in me (or is Gerber just a really mature off-duty dresser?). Either way, check out how we both put our own twists on the ensemble and shop pieces inspired by our looks.

Kaia Gerber bucket hat outfit



On Kaia Gerber: Mishbv sweatshirt; Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Shorts ($160); Adidas Low Top Sneakers ($250); Supreme hat

Gerber's take on the outfit was a bit edgier, styling streetwear brand Supreme with Adidas pieces.

On Me: Outdoor Voices Rec Shorts ($50); Nike Vapormax Chukka ($260); Hatters Magic Hat ($85)

Here I am doing some light shopping, wearing an old sweatshirt from college and my favorite casual shorts from Outdoor Voices.

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