I Never Thought I'd Say This: I Worked Out in a Dress


(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

Can I pull off (and break a sweat in) a workout dress? It's a question I posed to myself when I took on the task of giving Outdoor Voices' new exercise dress a spin. I've never been much of a tennis player and I'm definitely not a dancer, so I can't say that I'd ever given much thought to working out in anything more than shorts or leggings. My many years of soccer, volleyball, and long runs had never been served with a side of sophisticated dressing either—it was all sweat and spandex.

So, no surprise here, I was a bit of a skeptic going into the whole experience. But I signed up for a boot camp class and got ready to pump some iron and pull off some burpees all while wearing a tank dress. For those worried about the flashing potential, there's a leotard layer underneath the skirted top (so we're good). While I also worried about the skirt getting in the way, as it turns out, there were no such problems. The dress was breathable and comfortable the whole way through. And I liked the fact that I actually felt a bit dressed up when I went off to get coffee post-class—athleisure at its best. Read on to shop Outdoor Voices' new exercise dress along with other similar styles.

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Aemilia Madden