Not All Jewellery Is Created Equal—These 5 Chic Trends Matter the Most in 2024

Given how much time we spend focusing on what to wear, it makes sense that we give just as much consideration to the accessories that can really make or break an outfit: jewellery. The right accessories have an undeniable impact on an outfit, and in fact, can often end up being the best way we showcase our personal style. A stacked set of bracelets here, a heavily decorated ear there, or maybe it's a sentimental piece that has been handed down through generations; we often rely on our jewellery to do the heavy lifting and take our basic uniform (blazers, jumpers, tees and jeans, am I right?) to something with a little more je ne sais quoi. 

Given the fact that good jewellery should be considered an investment, it's well worth taking the time to think about what will best work for your wardrobe, particularly if you'd like to spend a little more on fine jewellery. Whilst we might have fallen victim to a couple of flash-in-the-pan ready-to-wear trends (I'm still yet to wear the extremely shoulder-padded blazer that made sense online), what ends up in your jewellery box should stay for a lifetime, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring.

So, what jewellery pieces will the style-conscious be adding to their collections this year? It's time to explore the top jewellery trends of 2024.


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Before we get started, it's well worth noting that just because something is currently trending, that's not to say that what you already own is "out of date". More so, jewellery trends tend to stick around a lot longer than those of other fashion items, and pieces that are currently having a moment might mix and match just as well with your current curation (as anyone who owns plenty of vintage jewellery will tell you). 

But still, should you be interested in which pieces, colours and styles are about to crop up over the next 12 months, let's look ahead, and let me assure you—it's an exciting line-up. After zooming in on runway pics, trawling through new-in sections and looking at Instagram's most double-tapped pics, I've identified six jewellery trends that'll stop you in your tracks. Don't say I don't treat you. 



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Style Notes: Since the dawn of time, "team gold" or "team silver" has been a point of discussion. But whatever the respective connotations, it was generally agreed in fashion circles that gold held first place until the past two years saw an uptake in mixing both metals as an unexpected trend, reintroducing silver to a sceptical demographic in the process. Still not convinced? Take a look at the runways. Flashes of razor-sharp silver added cool-girl edge to the ladylike looks at Alexander McQueen, Phillip Lim and Bottega, whilst fluid designs from the likes of Georg Jensen and By Pariah are a refreshing alternative to "old money" gold. 

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(Image credit: Valerio Mezzanotti courtesy Adeam; @shrimps; Ben Broomfield @photobenphoto; Courtesy Simone Rocha; @completedworks)

Style Notes: Pearls, chokers, ribbons, corsages and bows. If it could have appeared in a Sofia Coppola film, it's likely to fall under TikTok's stratospheric "coquette" aesthetic. Take one part Baroque, add some '50s kitsch and a sprinkle of Harajuku kawaii, and you're a little bit closer to understanding Gen Z's take on romanticism. This is not a trend for wallflowers, and wearing key pieces like pearls and flower motifs together is encouraged, especially with slip dresses, miniskirts and a pastel colour palette. 

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(Image credit: Giovanni Giannoni courtesy Schiaparelli; Courtesy Zimmermann; Giovanni Giannoni courtesy Blumarine; @annarvitiello)

Style Notes: Sorry, dainty bracelets, this season is all about serious hardware, and chunky bangles and tall cuffs are the arm candy of choice. Whilst 2023's quiet luxury was all about the tennis bracelet, 2024's "Birkin Mom" is a little more ostentatious with her accessorising, and a bold cuff peeking out from a crisp shirt sleeve or a bangle placed over an opera glove is peak luxury. Take it from Schiaparelli—more really is more this year. 

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(Image credit: Courtesy MSGM; INDIGITAL.TV courtesy Alexander McQueen; Gaspar J. Ruiz Lindberg courtesy Gucci; Courtesy Zimmermann)

Style Notes: If you're guilty of losing anything that isn't nailed down, here's a styling trick that speaks your language: odd earrings. Simple to execute but delivering maximum impact, either wear one statement earring on its own or mix a pair of irregular earrings (and if nothing else, it's a guaranteed conversation starter). Take the Gucci approach and let a supersized statement earring do all the talking or channel Zimmermann's slightly wonky "high/low" mix for an asymmetric silhouette. 

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Style Notes: Summer, is that you? Well, perhaps a little bit premature, but this dopamine-inducing trend encourages the kind of colourful experimentation that we tend to save for the sunnier seasons. Why wait when we can brighten our outfits (and our moods) right now with colourful stones, bright beads and pops of metal and acrylic? This just might be the trend that a bleak start to the year calls for. Forget the forecast, I predict spells of feel-good fashion with rainbows guaranteed. 

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