Out of All the Trends, "Boho Romantic" Is the Aesthetic I Can Get Behind

For many, the continuous arrival of new aesthetics or "cores" can feel overwhelming, but I think there’s real beauty in it. Back in the day, fashion played with the idea of styles being "in" or "out", forgetting that individuality sits at the heart of all personal style.

Now though, there’s real diversity in fashion because every style has a place, even if some trend harder than others. Looking around team Who What Wear UK, many of us have classic minimalism and quiet luxury tastes, but at the same time, we each play with these concepts differently, and we also explore fresh looks and aesthetics without regard.

When we cover the rise of a new trend, I like to think it gives everyone the opportunity to explore it in the context of their own personal aesthetic, being excited to celebrate fashion, rather than exhausted by it. So today I present you with something new—an aesthetic I’m a particular fan of right now: "boho romantic". 

It's the combination of two styles, blending the intricacy of romance with the fluidity and delicate nature of bohemia. It's a little coquette, a little renaissance, but all in all, it's soft and sweet. The prominent identifiers are ruffles, lace, ties with sheer fabrics and a mix of fitted corsetry and fluid shapes. What's more, there are various ways to embrace the trend, from jumping in fully with a top-to-toe dainty look, or experimenting with elements of soft and hard.

For 2023, we're seeing a real exploration of contrast within fashion (see: the wrong-shoe theory), where opposing styles are combined to create something new. We've taken tailored waistcoats and paired them with pyjama shorts and thrown sharp blazers over floaty dresses without a second thought. And right now, we're seeing fashion people take their boho romantic tops and combining them with "harder" contrasting bottoms, from simple jeans to cargo trousers.

When it comes to dresses, the shoes are where to add that point of difference. But as you'll see below, embodying the trend in your whole outfit is also a strong option. So, let's jump into how fashion people are playing with the boho-romantic trend, and take a look at the best pieces to get the look.



(Image credit: @rayan.xasan)

A perfect example of the wrong-shoe theory. 


(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

Tie details feature heavily in this aesthetic. 


(Image credit: @jeannine.roxas)

Ruffles are everywhere right now, and are perfectly placed for this pretty aesthetic. 


(Image credit: @goodwoodx)

The addition of loafers grounds the dainty feel of this dress. 


(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

Make like Amaka Hamelijnck and go full force with boho romantic from top to toe. 


(Image credit: @raeannlangas)

You'll spot broderie details throughout this trend. 


(Image credit: @chasemarieee)

Chase Wise's look embraces all the top notes: lace, ties and a little bit of skin. 


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Florrie Alexander
Acting Affiliates Editor

Florrie embarked on her fashion journey while studying French and History at university. Whilst studying in Aix-en-Provence, she began to write her dissertation on the history of fashion and the influence of Haute Couture, and landed her first role at Harper’s Bazaar. Following this, she interned for various publications including Elle, Grazia and Marie Claire before joining the fashion team at Conde Nast Traveller. There, she contributed to international photoshoots, styled pages and covers, and produced engaging digital content.

During a freelance period, Florrie honed her skills in editorial work in various digital and print publications including Vogue Italy and Departures magazine, as well as styling e-commerce photoshoots and personal shopping. Florrie actively pursues an in-depth understanding of fashion and jewellery, and after styling a jewellery cover shoot at Conde Nast Traveller chose to complete the De Beers Diamond Foundation course. Florrie first joined Who What Wear UK as a freelancer before becoming the Commerce Writer, blending both editorial and commercial content. Now, as the Acting Affiliates Editor, she monitors current trends, new-in styles, wardrobe heroes and how best to style them. In her downtime, Florrie can be found in her hometown of London, usually with a coffee in hand.