5 Basics Jennifer Aniston Has Been Wearing for 24 Years

Jennifer Aniston Wardrobe Basics


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Fashion icon Jennifer Aniston is pretty much synonymous with '90s style. From slip dresses to straight-leg jeans to, yes, even flip-flops, her affinity for basics that rose to popularity in the '90s is unmistakable. Now, you can blame it on the fact that the style star typically shies away from following gimmicky trends or the fact that the '90s are back with fervor (hello, platform sandals and micro sunglasses), but Jen's style is at once timeless and of-the-moment in 2019.

To uncover exactly how she's managed to maintain her coveted '90s style, we culled through 24 years of Jen's best fashion moments to bring you the enduring wardrobe basics she continually wears on repeat. Spanning iconic little black dresses, tried-and-true structured blazers, and the classic sunglass style she has a penchant for, these are the proven basics Jen has been reaching for since 1995. Keep scrolling to find out which of Jennifer Aniston's wardrobe basics have been working hard for decades.

Little Black Dresses

Jennifer Aniston '90s little black dress


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Then: In a slinky little black dress and strappy heels, Jen is the picture of '90s minimalism.

Jennifer Aniston little black dress


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Now: Twenty years later, Jen proves that the little black dress is truly timeless, no matter the silhouette.

Straight-Leg Jeans

Jennifer Aniston '90s jeans


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Then: Simple and classic, straight-leg jeans are a staple that has been in Jen's wardrobe since the '90s. 

Jennifer Aniston white jeans


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Now: Here, Jen makes a case for one of 2019's top denim trends: low-slung, straight-leg jeans.


Jennifer Aniston '90s blazer


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Then: A structured blazer layered over jeans is a surefire way to make a casual ensemble look more polished, as Jen demonstrates here.

Jennifer Aniston blazer with jeans



Now: Even today, a smart blazer with straight-leg jeans is a tried-and-true outfit formula Jen swears by. 

Aviator Sunglasses

Jennifer Aniston '90s aviator sunglasses


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Then: Jen favored small aviators in the '90s, leaning into the micro-eyewear trend that dominated the decade.

Jennifer Aniston modern aviator sunglasses


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Now: Fast-forward to 2017, and Jen can still be seen sporting the classic eyewear style—just with larger frames.


Jennifer Aniston '90s flip-flops


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Then: If there's anything we've learned from culling through pics of Jen, it's that she loves a pair of flip-flops.

Jennifer Aniston flip-flop style


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Now: The laid-back style is still Jen's off-duty footwear of choice.