This 3-Part Outfit Is the Easiest Thing to Wear in Spring

When it comes to spring styling inspiration, it can be easy to focus on the new and exciting outfit ideas. However, sometimes you simply can't beat a classic. One of the most timeless outfits for spring is a blazer, jeans and a T-shirt. It's a trio that Princess Diana made her uniform, as she was often spotted in Kensington in a double-breasted navy blazer, a T-shirt and straight-leg jeans. It's an outfit that hasn't dated decades later and classic blazer outfits are still a popular choice, particularly in spring. 

Although it's a simple look to master—you only need to pair any blazer, jeans and T-shirt together—you can play with proportions and silhouettes to have a different take on the classic. Recently, blazers have returned to more '80s and '90s forms, with strong shoulder pads, an oversize shape and one or two buttons. When it comes to T-shirts, the classic crew-neck oversize tee remains the most popular option. However, tank and vest tops are also trending this year. Jeans have also had a more oversize fit of late, with designers like Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga leaning to a more relaxed, slouchy fit. 

Keep scrolling to see some outfit ideas, and shop some of our favourite options for this styling trio.


(Image credit: Basicstouch)

Style Notes: This is a classic combo—a beige boxy blazer, a simple T-shirt and high-waisted jeans.


(Image credit: Brittany Bathgate)

Style Notes: The key to this look is the proportions and silhouette: the strong shoulders and boxy fit of the blazer and the slight crop on the straight-leg jeans.


(Image credit: Sylviemus_)

Style Notes: We love how elegant this collarless jacket looks with these high-waisted baggy jeans. 


(Image credit: laurennicolefk)

Style Notes: Use colour and embellishment for a jazzier twist on this simple outfit. 


(Image credit: francescasaffari)

Style Notes: We love how Francesca adds a feathered blouse underneath her blazer. 


(Image credit: Fakerstrom)

Style Notes: This shows how sometimes the simplest classics can work best for this three-part outfit. 


(Image credit: Lucy Williams)

Style Notes: The '90s favourite, a leather blazer, has regained popularity recently and looks amazing with jeans and a T-shirt.

1. Leather Blazer + Vest Top + Straight-Leg Jeans

2. Beige Blazer + Boxy T-Shirt + Baggy Jeans

3. Oversize Wool Blazer + T-Shirt With Padded Shoulders + Light Wash Jeans

4. Collarless Blazer + Tank Top + Printed Jeans

5. Checked Blazer + Classic T-Shirt + Twist Jeans

6. Belted Blazer + Striped T-Shirt + Cropped Flares

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Emma Spedding