A Breakdown of What LA Style Is Really Like, According to Jaime Ridge

Wearing: Tiffany & Co, HardWear Link Earrings ($6950), HardWare Graduated Link Necklace ($2800) and Hansen & Gretel Ophelia Dress Serpent ($599).

Every year we look forward to Tiffany & Co.'s start of summer party. It signifies the end of year is almost here, which means we can let our hair down and celebrate the year's successes. It's also an opportunity to catch up with influencers who are back in town for the holidays, like one of our faves and INF / Network member, Jaime Ridge.

After recently relocating to Los Angeles, Jaime Ridge was back in her adopted hometown of Sydney (she originally hails from New Zealand), so we took the opportunity to chat about summer trends, LA style and the styling tricks she's picked up while overseas. Read on! 


Daphne Nguyen

What summer trends are you excited to wear?

I personally try not to follow trends too closely, as my style is more on the classic side so I’m really looking forward to wearing my timeless white linen pieces, especially my selection of linen Reformation dresses. Oh and my gorgeous new Rixo London dresses—they’re perfect for summer! I’m also looking forward to sporting a basket bag this summer. However honestly, I think I’m mostly looking forward to wearing earrings for the first time! I recently got my ears pierced (crazy it took so long, I know!) so all I’m thinking about is earrings and accessorising with new jewellery.

What summer trend are you avoiding this season?

I don’t think you’ll see me wearing bike shorts outside of the gym anytime soon, but never say never!

You’ve been living in LA for the last few months—what are some of the big trends you’ve spotted?

I have been living in LA! In general, LA is a very casual city, and the style varies quite dramatically depending on which part of LA you’re in, which is super interesting. Denim is huge all over LA so denim skirts were big in LA in summer. Parts of LA like Venice can be very boho, and I spotted plenty of maxi dresses and skirts floating around this summer. In other parts of LA, like West Hollywood the streetwear trends were far more prominent, so biker shorts and belt bags were everywhere. That’s one thing I love about LA, the way the style varies so dramatically, anything goes really!

Have you picked up any LA styling tricks? What are they?

I’m not sure about styling tricks, however I do tend to wear more layered jewellery since moving to LA! It just seems so fitting! I believe I have also started dressing down more, my style is generally far more casual these days—but that’s sure to change no matter what city I’m in!

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