Believe It: This Is the Trend That Will Replace Leggings for Millennials


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The athleisure trend, in all its sneaker-filled glory, has had a grip on the fashion industry for a while now, with scores of brands capitalizing on the demand. But as Business of Fashion reports, there's a different market that's growing more quickly than athleisure for the first time in several years: denim.

The numbers prove it. "According to data from retail technology company Edited, the first half of 2017 saw the women's jeans market grow by 79 percent compared to the first half of 2016," BoF reports. "Athleisure leggings, by comparison, grew just 35 percent."

For more insight, Business of Fashion tapped Dio Kurazawa, the denim director at trend-forecasting company WGSN. "It's not that athleisure is going away," he told BoF. "It just means that folks are choosing not to have six different pairs of Lululemon tights and they're opting to settle back into their denim. Millennials are driving the changes."

Specifically, millennials are gravitating toward the vintage denim trend. Massimo Ferrucci, the jeanswear president of VF Corporation (which owns Wrangler and Lee), explained the trend to BoF: "The younger consumer is attracted very much by Americana, by originality and authenticity, by product that comes from the archive." In fact, the trend is so huge that it prompted the launch of the new Levi's Authorized Vintage collection, consisting of 50,000 old jeans that the brand purchased from the resale market.

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This post was originally published on June 17, 2017.