16 Finds We Have Saved to Our Instagram Collections Right Now

Did you catch this post last time? If so, simply continue on for a trove of inspiration and shopping. If not, here’s the rundown… As someone who was actually pretty late in the game (the game here being Instagram’s saved collections), I now wonder what I was thinking. I love utilizing the feature to save anything from funny memes to interestingly composed photos to fashion pieces I love (and naturally want to buy). Speaking of that latter use, I decided to start reaching out to my fellow Who What Wear editors to find out what they’ve been eyeing. Needless to say, they delivered.

To see and shop the fashion items we currently have saved to our Instagram collections, keep reading.

“While I’m actually obsessed with all-things animal print at the moment, this Realisation dress has seriously stolen my heart.”

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

A post shared by I AM GIA (@iamgia) on

“Okay, these I.Am.Gia snake-print pants are also pretty high up there.”

Available in sizes XS to L.

A post shared by Amina Muaddi (@aminamuaddi) on

“I’m actually surprised by myself on this one, but something about these flame heels has bewitched me, and I just need them.”

“I not only saved this but already bought it, and it makes me feel very cool, though I’m still sorting out the right bra situation. The top is sold out now, but the blazer is a superb stand-in.”

Available in sizes S to M.

“Mark my words: These are going to be everywhere at fashion week.” 

A post shared by Débora Rosa (@deborabrosa) on

“I’m always looking for more gold necklaces to layer up with my other pendants, and this chain-link piece stands out from the rest and adds some cool dimension to the look. Plus, I’m betting on chain-link jewelry to be a major trend for fall.”

A post shared by Christie Tyler (@nycbambi) on

“Maybe this makes me a nerd, but I’m a sucker for a good shoe-and-sock combo. This sheer burgundy pair with a pair of sleek white heels encapsulates my entire fall aesthetic.”

“I have a thing for quirky bags, and it was love at first sight with this pretty little pouch.”

A post shared by Vrai & Oro (@vraiandoro) on

“I love how cool the pairing of the chunky chain with the delicate diamond is on this necklace. I’m definitely not surprised they had to restock it.”

A post shared by Haley Boyd (@haleboyd) on

“I already own a ton of white dresses, but Marais designer Haley Boyd is convincing me I need this puff-sleeve Tibi version.”

Available in sizes 2 to 12.

“As my last hurrah of summer 2018, I need to own this Rixo halter dress. I feel like it’s the kind of thing I want to sadly celebrate summer’s end in. It does have starfish on it, after all.”

Available in sizes XS to L.

A post shared by AREA (@area) on

“One of my favorite fall trends is crystal-fringe shoes. I love the inventive ways Area incorporates the adornment onto its shoes, but I am particularly loving the below.”

“Does one really need a squiggly pair of gold earrings? (I do.)”

A post shared by Sabina Socol (@sabinasocol) on

“Swimsuit season may be winding down, but I still have a vacation on the calendar and will be packing this one-piece.”

A post shared by Christie Tyler (@nycbambi) on

“This dress couldn’t be more perfect. I’ll have to wait for this style to come out this fall, but until then, there’s a similar one available now from the summer collection.”

Available in sizes XS to XL.

“Admittedly, I do not need another pair of jeans, but I had to try these out once I saw the brand launch. They have a great vintage fit, are tight in the butt, and are cropped at the ankle.”

Available in sizes 24 to 32.

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