Proof This Major Trend Isn't Going Anywhere

Often we look to the streets for our sartorial inspiration, but ever so often a well-curated social media account catches our eye and renews our love for a look. Such is the case with the Instagram account I Have That Thing With Sleeves. Its following still remains fairly small, but its feed is loaded with stunning shots of one of fall and winter's biggest trends: statement sleeves

Armed with styling inspiration (not to mention ideas for your own photo shoots), you’ll be ready to stock up on what is arguably the season's prettiest must-have. As long as you’re sure not to dip a sleeve in your soup, spaghetti, or coffee, you’ll be good to go. So whether you're craving a sweater with distinctive details or a romantic blouse for your next date night, read on to find just the inspiration you've been looking for.

See all the statement sleeve inspiration you need below, and then shop some of our favorite current styles!