49 Under $49: The Affordable Summer Finds I'm Obsessed With

Straightforward enough, right? Here, you'll find 49 summer-ready finds to carry you through the season, all for under $49 and handpicked by yours truly. There is no need to thank me because, in all honesty, this endeavor felt more like "me" time than work. With more events and activities on the horizon than ever before, I've suddenly found myself needing more clothes and accessories than my budget is built for, so affordable prices are key to making my sartorial dreams a reality right now.

On the same page and ready to start shopping? Just keep scrolling for all 49 of my under-$49 finds for summer, including everything from swimwear and sandals to dresses and shorts. When you're done, check out some pieces I've already been wearing and loving this season

I think it's obvious why our readers are freaking out over these.

This is what I like to call a no-brainer.

I never turn down a great Nordstrom basic.

Get the look of three anklets without having to do and undo three clasps.

The reviews say it all.

We can thank Tiktok for showing me this one.

I'm so inspired by this styling.

You'll get so much use out of this, trust me.

This tee comes in every color you could possibly want.

I found your pop of color for the season.

It took me less than five seconds to add this to my cart.

Add some spice to all your outfits.

It's perfect because it can be worn both long and short.

I'm in a belt phase right now, and this one is calling my name.

Flat sandals are all you need with this classic dress.

Summer nights will never be the same.

It's what fashion people are wearing.

A change of pace from classic hoops.

Doesn't this whole outfit just look so rich?

Can you tell I take my white tanks very seriously?

It's all about the denim corset right now.

The way this tiny thing stopped me in my tracks!