49 Under $49: Your Ultimate Affordable Shopping Guide for Summer

Straightforward enough, right? Forty-nine summer-ready finds to carry you through the rest of the season, all under a mere $49 and, of course, all hand-picked by yours truly. Don’t tell my boss, but I had such a good time working on this for you guys that it hardly felt like work at all. It was more like a personal shopping mission turned article, as I’ve already added a handful of the below to my cart (in addition to the ones I already owned). Sure, a big summer trip or poolside gathering is out of the question, but that doesn't mean I won't find reasons to dress up for a party of one. 

On the same page and ready to start shopping? Just keep scrolling for all 49 of my under-$49 finds for summer below, including everything from swimwear and sandals to dresses and shorts. When you're done, be sure to brush up on the best summer trends for anyone who describes their style as simple

I hope smocked dresses always stay in style.

Of all the cover-up options out there, sarongs are my favorite.

As someone who owns this, I highly recommend it.

A neutral color slide will serve you well.

The peachy color of these shades just screams summer.

Even if your backyard is your beach, consider this cool cover-up.

I'm not sure what I love more—this cut or the color.

Puff sleeves make all the difference.

Style this with any bottoms of your choosing.

Tie-dye makes everything better.

If you find tying your own top to be too much work, this is for you.

We're one week into summer. Have you found your shades yet?

Bike shorts are among my most-used basics these days.

Lighten up all your looks with this cream bag.

The white dress is a timeless staple.

Give your ankles some attention.

Apparently, you're either a rash-guard person or you're not, and this is making me want to be one.

For as cool as this looks, it seems equally comfortable. 

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