My Friends Hate This Shoe Trend—Here's Why They're Wrong


A Love Is Blind

Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate my friends, but sometimes (as we all do) I also strongly disagree with them. Such was the case when I met up with a group after work for drinks only to have them stare quizzically at my feet. "How can you wear those?" they asked, staring at my mules. "Don't they fall off your feet?" the chorus chimed. My friends can't stand mules, but, frankly, they're my favorite shoe

Despite the fact that they may appear cumbersome or clunky to others, I've come to find these easy shoes are secretly genius. The elevated heel keeps your feet from sliding out. And I find that as long as you pick a style with a thick enough strap over your mid-foot, sliding is no issue. Another added bonus: Unlike many of the boots I own, I avoid painful blisters because there's no back to mules. They are chic enough to wear to the office, but they're laid-back enough that I can wear them on the weekend too. All around, they're the shoe I'd reach for on just about every occasion.

Check out an example of my friend's thoughts below, and then shop my favorite styles (because they're actually the best)!