The One Thing on Every French Girl's Radar Right Now

First, it was a pencil skirt. I started seeing a simple, leopard-print silk skirt splashing its way across my Instagram feed. Then, it was a swimsuit. Suddenly, like the moment you learn a new word and suddenly see it everywhere, I feel like leopard print has consumed my internet life in the last month. But with all my research, I've come to the conclusion that no one masters this print quite like the French. It seems as if leopard is a wardrobe prerequisite for them, something everyone owns and knows exactly how to style.

Below, I'm highlighting a range of ways French women pull off leopard print and breaking down exactly when and how you should re-create each look. Whether it's your first time trying on the trend for size or you're already a pro in need of new inspiration, you'll find something you can use here.