The Controversial Way Fashion Girls Are Tying Their Scarves

When it comes to special ways to tie a scarf, you'd think we'd pretty much have it down by this point. And that's nearly true, but leave it to Leandra Medine to convince us that when it comes to scarf-tying, we are still but young lotus flowers waiting to fully bloom.

At Paris Fashion Week this past fall, Medine wore what looked like a heavy knit scarf on top of a lovely cream-colored suit. Well, according to a post on Man Repeller, it wasn't a scarf at all. It was a sweater she wore as a scarf. 

"Turning old sweaters into scarves is a pretty good way to recycle them without feeling like you're forcing yourself to wear stuff you don't want to be wearing," Medine writes. "And using new sweaters to complement other sweaters is a good way to express a sense of personal style."

We dig it. Keep on scrolling to shop some of our favorite scarf-friendly sweaters now!

Do you think you'd ever try to wear a sweater as a scarf? Tell us in the comments below!