This Is the Packing Mistake You Always Forget About



For those organized enough to have already begun packing for next week's trip home, you've likely come to grips with the fact that holiday travel prep is stressful. From the moment you step in the TSA line (or maybe even before), you find yourself second-guessing the things you packed. Are three jackets really necessary? Do your Thanksgiving dress and heels really go together? Mastering the art of the perfect packing edit is tricky. Even experts have to do some soul (and suitcase) searching to figure it all out. "People always say to pack light, but it’s not a good feeling to get to your destination and feel like you don't have any options," says Jen Rubio, co-founder of Away luggage. "I'm a realist: As a woman who loves fashion and clothes, I know to bring options in case things change."

Still, since sometimes all we can manage to tote along is a well-orchestrated carry-on, there are certain tricks jet-setters like Rubio employ to reduce stress and streamline packing. Jen's rule is to avoid shopping for a trip. "While it's tempting to buy new clothes for a trip, I stick to things that I've worn and love and that I know fit me. You don't want to distract from some amazing new experience because you just realized your new skirt rides up or your sweater is itchy or because your shoes need to be broken in!" Since you are short on space, opting for pieces you know you'll wear is key to efficient packing.

Additionally, when it comes time to somehow make everything fit, Rubio has found a secret she swears by: packing cubes. "We just launched our very own, by popular demand," she notes. "Even if I'm only going somewhere for a couple of days. They keep me organized and allow me to separate items by category (like tops, bottoms, intimates), by event (meetings, nights out, workouts, etc.), or, for longer trips, by climate."

So before you head out on your next trip, holiday, or otherwise, be sure to take advantage of Jen's advice.


Don't: Pack new purchases you're unsure about.

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