H&M Is Having a Big Sale—These 19 Pieces Stopped Me in My Tracks

H&M summer sale


H&M; STYLING: H&M+ Short Ruffled Dress ($35)

The beauty of a big H&M sale is that since everything is already very cheap, a discount means that you'll find prices hovering as low as the $10 mark (or even lower, in some cases). And I don't know about you, but over the weekend, I suddenly realized that everything I've bought this season falls under the "inside clothes" umbrella (i.e., sweatshorts, cozy crew socks, and oversize T-shirts), and I have very few new pieces to wear out in the world (with a mask, that is). If you're in the same boat, I have lots of strong contenders to share with you, for wearing both indoors and outdoors.

In my H&M cart, you'll find on-sale skirts, special dresses, basics, accessories, pretty tops, and some loungewear that's definitely worthy of wearing outside the house. To save you the trouble, I'm sharing the sale pieces I think are well worth their (very low) prices. Scroll to shop my selects.

I'm strangely drawn to this denim shirt-jacket.

Looks expensive, don't you think?

This couldn't be more on-trend right now.

A great complement to pretty much any piece in this story.

I guess I'm into color this summer.

I'd wear this with pretty much everything.

These modern ballet flats are far from boring.

Summer's crochet trend is still going strong.

You're going to want to wear a blazer again eventually.

You're also going to want to wear jeans again eventually. Be prepared.

I'd tuck this into something high-waisted if I were wearing it.