29 Cheap H&M Thrills That Happen to Look Really Expensive

expensive-looking H&M items


H&M; Pictured: H&M Crocheted Dress ($60)

It can't just be me—I had to do a double take when I saw these H&M finds because they're just so stunning. Perusing the site's new arrivals is a weekly (if not daily) activity of mine, and on my latest visit, I came across more than a few finds that actually stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks. While these pieces fall well under the $100 mark, I wouldn't blame you for assuming otherwise.

As a fashion editor, I have a keen eye for spotting expensive-looking details, and since I'm always looking at designer clothing, I can easily spot those luxe details elsewhere. The H&M pieces you're about to see below immediately reminded me of something I would see on a luxury retailer, whether it was an exposed-back dress, a buttery yellow-hued shirt, or woven leather slides.

To see them for yourself and to shop all of the expensive-looking items in my shopping cart, continue on.

Tank tops rarely qualify as elegant, but this one sure does.

Mentally transported to a beach in Ibiza.

An outfit I'd like to re-create ASAP.

How to look cool without trying 101.

You'll always look polished in this.

Ruched dresses are one of my favorite trends at the moment.

Just a really great blazer. That's all.

This bracelet has "rich mom" energy, and you can't tell me otherwise.

If I didn't know these were H&M, I'd assume they were listed on Net-a-Porter.

So many ways to style this one.

This whole outfit is an entire vibe.

It's the scrunch detail for me.

This makes me so ready for cooler weather.

The wide rib and off-white hue set this apart from other tanks.

If you understandably can't get your hands on the Skims boxers, these are a great alternative.

I happen to think this shade of brown looks so luxe.

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