The 16 Best Under-$100 Pieces at H&M Right Now

H&M fall fashion 2018

I may not be a fan of pumpkin spice drinks (they do not count as coffee) or cinnamon-scented candles (the worst) or most other things associated with autumn, but I make up for this with unbridled enthusiasm for fall fashion. I've admittedly attempted a toe-dip into layers over the past couple of weeks, but New York weather cannot be trusted, and I've ended up deeply regretting my choice of jeans by about 9 a.m. each day. Things I'm excited to wear without sweating include:

• Corduroy (!!)

Black skinny jeans

• Boot-cut jeans (with boots)

• Fisherman sweaters

• Double-breasted coats

• Turtlenecks with everything

H&M got the memo and has just dropped a supremely elevated yet casual fall collection. There's a heavy emphasis on classic pieces and a totally mix-and-matchable color palette of burgundies and pinks and blacks and tans and greys, which feels particularly refreshing as I write this during NYFW (apparently some people still feel that crazy-clashing everything is peak street style). Below, see my edit of 16 complementary pieces that amount to more outfit combos than I care to count.