Khaite's the Goal—H&M's the Budget: This Chic $27 Halter Dress Is All You Need


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I have an obsessive personality, which can, like most things, be a good thing or a bad thing. It's a good thing when it comes to cleaning, editing, or washing my face at night no matter how late it is. It's a bad thing, though, when I find something that I desperately want that I simply cannot afford. I'll think about said item day and night, stalking sales and resale sites until my screen time is up 500%. 

Here's a perfect example: Last February, Khaite held a runway show in SoHo, where the brand debuted a high-neck halter dress in a fitted, ribbed fabric that came to the model's lower shins. It was perfectly sculpted, and the neckline epitomized elegance and refinement. I zeroed in on the dress, feasting over its every thread and waiting patiently until it became available. When it did, I immediately started saving. But with life comes expenses, and given the dress's lofty price tag, I still haven't quite been able to give it a home in my closet. 


On the runway:
(Image credit: Khaite/Launchmetrics Spotlight)


I'd almost lost all hope until I was scrolling through H&M's new arrivals this morning and stumbled across a truly Earth-shattering halter dress that checks off many of the same boxes as the one I've been pining over for the last nine months but at a quarter of the price. In fact, it's on sale for Cyber Monday, putting it at just $27. Suffice it to say, I ordered it immediately. After all of that, there's no way I'd risk it selling out. Though it hasn't arrived, I'm confident it'll hit the spot while I save up for my one true love. 

Ahead, shop the $27 H&M dress I bought to check off the rising halter-dress trend, which brands like Alaïa, Bottega Veneta, Versace, and more are all backing for 2024. 

Shop the $27 H&M alt I'm buying to get the Khaite look: 

Shop the halter-dress trend:

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