If You Buy Anything From H&M in This Color, It's Guaranteed to Look Expensive

We all know H&M can turn around a fast-fashion trend, but there's a far more sensible way to shop the Scandi store at the moment, and fashion girls are paying attention. Even Alexa Chung knows that the pieces to look out for sit within a spectrum of either brown or tan. The designer and fashion icon chose a beige pantsuit to wear to London Fashion Week, and she follows in the neutral-color footsteps of many an influencer. My feed is brimming with camel hues, with many of the more affordable pieces coming from this shop in particular.

Perhaps this should be no great surprise. When it comes to buying pieces from fast-fashion retailers that last as long as possible, I have two rules. First, I try not to buy prints since they can date quicker than anything plain. Second, the Who What Wear team have long exalted the virtues of buying camel tones, so I usually try to buy pieces within this color scheme. Why? Well, they're inherently sophisticated no matter the season or the trends at play. Right now, because this spectrum is on trend and in season, you've got a good opportunity to stock up on affordable, long-lasting items I reckon you'd be able to still crack out in five years' time and be proud to wear.

So with that in mind, look at the most elevated H&M shopping pieces below—all from the brand's (probably) 50 shades of brown on offer.

Linda bought the coat we're so annoyed with ourselves for not getting. This chocolate-brown faux-fur style came into H&M way before the weather turned and sold out so fast. Boo.

Ellie's mustard H&M sweater has all the hallmarks of an autumnal classic.

Ama's simple chunky-knit sweater from H&M worn with a leopard-print skirt is a combination that will work for the entirety of 2019.

Monikh's cream ribbed dress was an instant hit and promptly sold out.

Olivia and Alice have been pepping up this color palette with lilac—adding a shaggy collar to a plain H&M coat.

Maryam's printed skirt is another H&M winner, being as useful for winter as it will be next summer.

Light yellow works too.

The wow factor for any plain outfit.

The most elegant leather skirt we've seen on the high street. 

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.