11 All-Brown Outfits It Girls Love

For as long as we’ve been in love—nay, obsessed—with dressing in neutrals for the fall, all-brown outfits have often been overlooked for the beige and cream hues we’ve come to know and love. Of course, we can’t fault anyone for this; after all, brown is, well, brown. The shade has often been described as one of the more blasé choices on the color wheel, but that’s all about to change.

Don’t get us wrong. We love wearing our winter whites and foolproof blacks as much as the next minimal dresser, but it’s time for an update this season, and the warm hues of brown will give us exactly that. From caramel and camel to deep chocolate and coffee colors, this will be the neutral you’ll want to wear all season long, so an arsenal of fresh outfits is essential. Ahead, we’ve pulled together the most stylish It girl–approved outfits featuring this unexpected neutral. Check them out below.

Style a deep brown dress with a pair of neutral snakeskin ankle boots to give your ensemble more dimension.

You're about to see this print everywhere.

Polka-dot brown dress outfit



Feeling a little Pretty Woman for the day? Pair it with a matching brown bucket bag.

A casual brown jacket with a pair of matching brown pants will be all you need for fall.

Swap out your standard black trousers for these.

Pair your coolest plaid pants with a cozy brown sweater for the when the temperatures drop.

How to wear an all-brown outfit



Style a cool, sleeveless sweater with a pair of khaki pants.

Layer a long-sleeve shirt underneath if you need more coverage.

Brown leather dress outfit



Match your brown leather piece with another neutral: leopard print.

We can't get enough leopard print for this season.

Create a contrast by pairing a brown jumpsuit paired with beige boots.

Brown wrap dress with purse outfit



A flattering wrap dress will be perfect with a suede purse for date night.

Animal print all brown outfit



Animal print will look so good with a cool brown silk jacket.

Brown turtleneck and corduroy outfit



You can't go wrong with a brown sweater and a pair of corduroy pants.

We'll never tire of corduroy pants.

All-brown leather outfit



An all-leather outfit will easily make a statement this fall.

Now, you'll be wearing brown every day this season.